On a Monday such as this…

img credit: eliazar

…I’d be at my front-desk job, 5.50am or so, yawning over the keyboard, wondering what the heck I was doing there, swearing I didn’t belong there and really needed to sort myself out.

Then around 7am, one of the workers would come in, looking more miserable than I felt. I don’t think many people look forward to a cold 6am start, do they?

I knew I had an option. I could leave the job if I wanted to. She didn’t seem to think she had much of a choice. I could just see it on her face. I wanted to tell her that there’s always a choice. Always. But something stopped me. Not sure what or why.

Anyway, so it’s been almost 2 weeks since I quit that job, and here I am, at home, warm, listening to the radio, happy I made the move.

I don’t regret leaving. If the clock wound back, I’d do the same thing again, maybe with my hips swinging a bit more, and a few somersaults thrown in, whisking out of there on a pair of roller skates and an operatic voice to boot!

The dust’s settling a bit, though…and the apprehension’s starting to kick in, and I’m starting to think ‘oooh shit’.

Have a good week, people. Wade orange through it, ya hear?



  1. Bianca Raven

    Stand firm (and warm!) and think positive thoughts.

    If I can do this ‘work at home’ thing then anyone can do it. Just be positive, promote your services and the clients will come.

    I know you’ll do it. I know because you hate the idea of going back to the dreaded day job so much that you’ll MAKE it happen

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