Oh shit – Houston, we may have a problem…

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Sheesh, where did June go? The rent’s rolling its ugly way around again and I could have sworn I paid it 5 minutes ago. Time not only flies, but flies at double-quick time when your ass is kinda broke.

I was looking at my bank account the other day, hoping that if I blinked, an extra zero would appear at the end of what little I had left.

I might juuuust make my rent this month as the money I’ve been making online has been a supplemental LIFESAVER.

But then there’s next month and I’m under no illusions that the money I make online is going to be my knight in shining armour and take care of all of that.

However, I know I can earn more online with the writing thing I have going on, so what this lil big missy needs to do is get her ass into gear and put more of the GRRR factor into securing more writing gigs.

I bid ye adieu…


(p.s.: I’ve just joined SurveySavvy, as recommended by a site I trust. So, I’m going in! Wish this luscious big mama good luck (and if you can’t, what is wrong wit you, huh? – need a hug or sumthin? I give good hugs…genuine hugs…as long as you’re not looking for a feel or a grope …’cos then you’ll just burst into flames…or turn into a bargain-bucket videotape…or 7-day-old chihuahua vomit). Anyway, ahem, will feed y’all back on how Survey Savvy goes.)


  1. MouthGirl.com

    Boy can I ever sympathize. I have a birthday party to plan for the 12th of July, my son’s 11th birthday and he wants a Ripstick which is not cheap, and this happens to fall on the same paycheck cycle as our rent. LOL.

    Another day another dollar right?

  2. Daniel Corales

    Can I suggest a couple of things you would like to test and review?

    It’s a new PtC site. Totally original (not one of those clones) and with a lot of innovative features. They start paying you when you reach $2 and they do so INSTANTLY by AlertPay.
    I have been paid several times already.

    TheSpiderWeb Marketing System
    A FREE system that guides you with step-by-step videos on how to set up 22+ automated online income streams.

    I wish you best of luck!!

  3. Ajith Prasad Edassery

    I guess SurveySavvy is not going to be of much help, at least it didn’t do any good to me 🙁

    Hey, I tried one of the DP content creation links for commenting (not to make money, but to write about the same for my readers). It was pretty cool, the payment came in a jiffy.


  4. 2ThePoint

    Hello Daniel – thanks for passing through. Appreciated.

    To be honest, when I hear of ‘a new PTC’, PTR, etc. site, I’m usually not one of the first to join up – I do my research (especially since I bumped into 1-800-Mail) and look for feedback from people who’ve tried it. Also, any program with the word ‘bux’ is a cliche I’m tired of hearing – so I tend to shut down somewhat.

    I’m not saying Neobux isn’t genuine or that it’s not working for you (I wish you all the best with it, in fact), but I think I’ll pass.

    I’m just about done with PTCs/PTRs and don’t plan on joining any (even for the purpose of reviewing them) unless they REALLY grab me (for e.g., You-Cubez). I’m cutting off the few that I’m with once I reach payout – off the top of my head, I believe there’s only one I genuinely wanna stick with and that’s pigsback.com (which isn’t purely PTC anyway), and possibly You-Cubez as it’s getting me traffic.

    take care and thanks again for dropping by.

  5. 2ThePoint (ebele)

    Hi Ajith 🙂

    I think I’ll give Survey Savvy a month, fill out the profiles and see what happens. I only joined because I trust the site that recommended it. After a month, if it’s not working for me, I’m moving on. It’s probably the case that, like CashCrate, it works for some and not for others.

    So we’ll see how it goes.

    I’m glad your experience was good on DP re: content creation 🙂

    take care and have a great week.

  6. Daniel Corales

    I understand your frustration, there are hundreds of “bux”es out there, AdBux clones, but let me tell you someting, NeoBux is totally different!
    I am not asking to be my referral, not even to use it!
    Just make up a user name and password you’ll never remember and sign up. You’ll see many features you don’t see anywhere else, and a lot of very happy members!
    You won’t regret it!
    It’s the first place for which people contact me to thank me for inviting them!

  7. 2ThePoint (ebele)

    Hi Daniel

    Thanks for your response.

    Neobux might be totally different, but, to be honest, I was never really one for PTCs/PTRs – and if I was, it was always with the intention of moving on from it. The ones I joined were out of curiosity, the intention to inform people about them in case they wanted to join, and the possibility of maybe earning a few pennies.

    So, amazing as Neobux may very well be, I think my head’s kinda moved on from sites like that.

    Thanks again for passing by and take care…

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