Oh My, a Cheque from American Consumer Opinion Panel…

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Yep. I got a cheque in the post from ACOP this morning.

It’s only £2 ($2.98) so don’t break open the champers. But it kinda put an itty-bitty smile on my face ‘cos I wasn’t expecting it when it came.

How romantic of them. 🙂

ACOP’s a US-based survey panel. I’ve been with them for a few years. I tend not to get that many surveys from them. I don’t recall getting more than 4 surveys from them last year, 5 at best. I guess certain surveys target certain demographics (makes sense that they should) – and if your profile doesn’t fit it, it doesn’t.

The most I’ve ever gotten for one of their surveys is £4. I don’t recall them being terribly boring or terribly long (but then they wouldn’t be seeing as I only get one every blooming millennium!).

Anyhoo, I got my little £2 cheque which I plan to smear completely with butter.


Right, my tuna and pasta’s getting cold. I’m out.




  1. Ajith Edassery

    ACOP was one of the first I signed up as everybody kept claiming that it is really legit. I guess, it is. Also they had something like technology board surveys (both are legit and related I guess)

    So pennies are piling up though at a slower pace. You should have kept your original Brad Pitt specific goal 🙂 kidding.

    How’s the gigs earnings looking like? Is the slow down in the market affecting online contracts somehow?

  2. Jeannie

    That’s great! I haven’t actually gotten a check from ACOP yet. In fact, I don’t actually remember getting a survey from them in a while…lol. So congratz on that!

  3. 2ThePoint

    Hey Ajith!

    I guess people were right. ACOP’s legit – just that surveys are very few (at least for me anyway).

    Didn’t know they had a tech panel for surveys.

    Yeah, I might just resurrect the Brad Pitt fund but rename it ‘The Ajith Edassery Fund’! How’s that?

    January’s starting off as slowly as December ended, but I’m hoping it’ll pick up fairly soon.

    take care…

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