October Update: Week 3 (15th-21st)…

Big Mama done a bit better this week than the last. Week 3 pressed $67.14 into my palm.

Breakdown’s as follows:
(any figures in pounds means it’s how I was initially paid.)

Amazon UK: $33.05 (£21.00) (Very pleased I made the decision to start decluttering by Amazoning my unwanted books and CDs up there. I get a bit more breathing room, plus a bit of money too.)

CloudCrowd: $23.11 (I’ve passed the $50 target I set myself for this month ($28 (wk 1) + $9.66 (wk 2) + $23.11 (wk 3) = $60.77 // Read my CloudCrowd review.)

Swagbucks$5.00 (2nd Swagbucks payment of the month. Reason: Along with doing my own swagging, one of my refs has been fairly active, plus Swagbucks were giving 2 points instead of 1 for a couple of things for about a week. // Read my Swagbucks review.)

Pinecone Research: $4.79 (£3.00)

eBay UK: $1.19 (£0.79) (Not as much as last week, but I don’t care. I’m getting rid of stuff.)

 (click images to view larger versions)





(this is the amount I’ve made in the past 31 days. The £0.79 is in there somewhere.)

My plans from now til the end of the month:

– more eBaying, more Amazoning

– since I’ve made $50 on CloudCrowd, my new aim is to hit $100

– take part in domain-naming contests. // I recently joined a site called Squadhelp where you can take part in a number of contests including domain-naming, SEO and viral video contests. I’m particularly interested in the domain-naming aspect and have taken part in a couple of contests so far. I don’t know what the chances are of me winning, but a sure way of not winning is by not taking part, so what the hell. I like the creative aspect too.

– play around with Hubpages. Lately, I’ve been feeling a pull to create content on Hubpages, so I might just do that this week.

Anyway, that’s moi for now.


(img credit: hownowbrowncow)


  1. Michelle Adams

    Nice…You’re doin’ good!

    You know what I’d love to see…alongside each of your revenue streams the number of minutes/hours you put in to earn that money. Might help me decide if I can squeeze in a few of these odd jobs myself. 🙂

    Lovin’ the updates as usual.

  2. ebele

    Hi Michelle 🙂

    I don’t time myself, so I don’t know for sure how long it takes me. I can give a guestimate, though.

    AMAZON: doesn’t take long at all as I just input the ISBN, determine a price for each book/CD I want to sell and that’s it. Doesn’t take longer than a few minutes per book/CD.

    If one sells, then I print out an invoice, package the book and take it to the post office. Again, that doesn’t take me too long, but depends on how many items I’m sending and the queue at the post office.

    CLOUDCROWD: I spent b/w an hour and a half and two hours there on Sunday and made just under $17 in that time.

    SWAGBUCKS: I spend under 5 mins there at the start of the day, then revisit once or twice for a few minutes.

    PINECONE RESEARCH: one survey takes 10-15mins.

    EBAY: takes longer than Amazon as I have to take a photo, plus do a short write-up. Around half hour per item. Packaging time varies depending on what I’ve managed to sell at auction.

    Hope this helps.

    Take care…

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