October Update: Week 2 (8th-14th)…

Didn’t make as much as I made in Week 1.

Big Mama made $38.32.

It’s all good, though.


eBay UK: $17.67 (rec’d in pounds – £11.06)

CloudCrowd: $9.66 (Read my CloudCrowd review)

Techdoctordeals: $9.62 (was paid $10 Canadian dollars, but was automatically converted to $9.62 USD /// Read my Techdoctordeals review)

Proofreading: $1.37

(summarised by month. The £11.06 I made is in there somewhere!)

CLOUDCROWD PAYMENTS (click image to view larger version)

(click image to view larger version)

PROOFREADING PAYMENT (click image to view larger version)

I’m fine with how things are going so far this month. I’m steadily decluttering and selling off more of my stuff on eBay and Amazon (uk). I’ve made two sales on Amazon (£21.00); should get the money for that next week or the week after.

I’m getting into a routine now and making sure I put something up on Amazon or eBay every day. If I miss a day, I make up for it by putting two items up the following day.

I’m also getting quite close to the $10 minimum payout on Clixsense; I’m at $9.25. I thought it would take ’til next month to hit the minimum, but it looks like it might just happen this month.

What I’ve found really useful is the Clixsense toolbar. I downloaded it recently. It’s visible at the top of my browser and notifies me when there are ads available. Since I’ve been using it, my earnings have been creeping up quicker.

$10 won’t make me rich, but I’m enjoying the challenge of trying to reach it on Clixsense.

I also opened an AlertPay account, so I’m looking forward to receiving my first payment there (kinda like a brand new shiny toy that you get to test out).

Have a grrrrreat weekend, people. Shimmy-shake it.



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