October Update: Week 1 (1st-7th Oct)…

img credit: Baddog

Well, so far, I’ve made just under $55 ($54.90, to be precise):

CloudCrowd – $28.00

ToneADay – $9.86 (it was $11.00, less the 10% charitable contribution of $1.10. Actually, I upped it to $1.14.)

Techdoctordeals – $9.57 (new paid forum-posting site. Free to join. Pays from around 20 cents a post. Minimum payout: $10 (Canadian dollars). Via Paypal. Payout request limit of $10/week for free members unless you upgrade. Will write more about this forum in my next post.)

Swagbucks – $5.00 (read my Swagbucks review)

eBay UK – $2.47 (£1.56) (the items I put up are starting to sell – not for a whole lot, but it’s something and I’m clearing out the clutter)


TONEADAY PAYMENT (also known as Lymbix)

TECHDOCTORDEALS PAYMENT (site owned by swiftgamers.com)


Every month, I try and make more than I did the month before, so if that happens this month (where I make more than the $163.45 I made last month), then I’ll be OK with that. I’m just gonna aim to do that. Don’t get me wrong, if I end up making $500 or more this month, then that’ll be cool. But for now, I just wanna focus on making each month better than the one before it and work my way up that way.



  1. TriNi

    Keep up the good work! I’m always impressed with your cloudcrowd earnings because I can never find myself the time to do work there lol.. it’s such a great earning opportunity though! I’m going to check out that forum you mentioned!

  2. ebele

    Thanks, hun. For the most part, I like CloudCrowd and appreciate the money I’ve been able to make there.

    Yeah, do check out that forum. Not sure how long it’ll be around, but while it is, you might as well make some change.

    Take care…

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