October Plans…

img credit: pink sherbert

I can’t believe it’s almost a week into October…

Anyway, Big Mama’s been thinking about what she wants to achieve this month. I’d like to:

– put up one item on eBay or Amazon every day (so far, so good. Been doing this every day.)

– sell off an unwanted domain of mine if I can (depends on interest)

– get as close as I can to breaking even on my $10 Clixsense investment (I’m over halfway there – $8.16)

– open an AlertPay account (to receive payments from sites like Clixsense that pay that way)

– make at least $50 on CloudCrowd (depending on task availability)

– make at least $10 on ToneADay (depends on word availability)

– reach min payout on Weegy (min is $20 – I’m currently at $17)

– reach min payout on CashCrate (yes, I’m giving CashCrate a second look-in. Min payout: $20. I’m @ $9.42 at the mo’.)

I think these are doable. All I have to do is, erm, erm, do them 🙂

Have a grrrrreat month, people.


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