October Earnings: Now That’s a Bit Better…

I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t too pleased with my September earnings ($134.42). My ears did droop a bit. Told myself “ah well, it could have been worse – could have made a big fat zero”, but hell, was still a tad disappointed.

Glad I’ve made more in October – $262.92. That’s almost $130 more than Sept. Now if you’d like to step this way, earnings were as follows:

– Freelance Writing: $192.60 (I’m easing myself back into writing, but it’ll remain a part-time gig as anything more than that will drive me round the bend)

IM Report Card: $68.63 (read more about IM Report Card here)

QuickRewards Network: $1.69 (read more about QuickRewards Network here)

Plans for November…

– carry on with freelance writing, IM Report Card & QuickRewards

– stay focused on Xomba

– do more paid surveys. Didn’t do a lot of those last month.

– might dabble in one or two other things

Ultimately, I’d like to make more this month than I did last month, so fingers, toes and ears crossed.

Hope everyone had a good October – wishing y’all a super duper November.

I’m out…



  1. Make Money Online Free

    Hey that’s still great girlie! Congrats on your earnings. You know how it goes with us.. not every month can be the same. 🙁 Don’t give up! Keep your head up and keep doing your thing! I’m rootin for ya!


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