October 2011: Online Earnings…

I did no worse or better than I did in September, y’all. In Sept, I made $186.31. In October I made a titchy bit more than that: $187.95.

Though my earnings haven’t dipped from last month, it’s not a whole lot of improvement.

I could be all positive and say at least I’m making SOME money online. That is true. I am making some money online. But, I could do better.

On a good note, I’ve made more in total this year ($3473.49) than I made last year ($2711.67), or the year before ($3369.53), which is cool.

Anyhoo, here’s a breakdown of my earnings for October…

(any figures in pounds means it’s how I was initially paid.)

– Blog writing (private client) – $100.85

– Gambling (slots) – $47.04 (£30.00)

– Forum posting (priv client) – $23.55 (yep, I’ve gone back to forum posting. Haven’t done it in a long while. This one’s for a gambling forum. I figured since I dabble in slots, it’d be an interesting gig. Pay’s not bad. 15 cents a post/80 cents a thread.)

Swagbucks: $5.00 (paid to search) (more about Swagbucks)

– Surveys: $9.61 (£6.00) (MySurvey UK – £3.00, Pinecone Research UK – £3.00)

Cashle: $1.06 (GPT site) (read review here)

– FreeUKpounds – $0.69 (£0.43) (new UK-based GPT site – read review here)

QuickRewards Network: $0.15 (GPT site) (more about QuickRewards)

Total — $187.95

Plans for November…

Forum posting: I’ve taken on a couple more forum posting gigs in addition to the gambling one. I don’t plan on making forum posting a major source of my income – it would drive me round the bend – but I wouldn’t say no to making around $50 a month from it (as long as the pay’s good).

Blog writing: For now, I only have one client. I write three posts a week, but I’m gonna see if I can up it to five a week. If so, that’ll bring a minimum of $80 extra a month.

Article writing: I’ve been toying with the idea of writing BuildMyRank articles for pay. For those who don’t know, BuildMyRank.com is a site that owns a whole conglomerate of blogs with a variety of page ranks. You write and submit short articles and embed a keyword-rich link to a site you’d like to promote. These articles are then disseminated by BuildMyRank amongst their blogs. The idea is that, in time, this massages your ranking in the search engines favourably.

The reason writing BMR articles appeals to me is ‘cos they don’t require a lot of brainpower or research. As long as the article is coherent, free of typos and is relevant in some way to the keyword used, then it’s all good. The going-rate isn’t superb, but it doesn’t take long to write either. I think if I decide to offer it as a service, I’ll write around niches I’m familiar with.

So, yeah, those are the three places my head’s at for this month. I think that’s enough for me to be getting on with. 🙂

I’m out, I’m in, I’m a pink rainbow doing a jazz solo…


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