Now That’s What I’m Tawking About, Swagbucks!

So there I was using Swagbucks‘s search engine the other day when I won 47 swagbucks! In the time I’ve been using it, I think I’ve only ever gotten that much (or a bit more) once or twice before.

Maybe Swagbucks has realised just how irresistible I am. *blink, blink* *smile*

It takes 1049 swagbucks for me to redeem a £5.00 Paypal voucher, so the 47 swagbucks win is the equivalent of 22 pence (34 cents). It made reaching the daily goal Swagbucks had set for that day a lot easier (100 swagbucks).

Anyhaw, here it is (click on image for larger, clearer version):

Miss E to tha B.

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