November, December and Last Year’s Total Earnings…


November was my lowest earning month online. I made under $30 ($26.92, to be precise).

Better in December, $71.77.

Of the two months, $62.72 was from proofreading. I went back to doing that last month.

$12.00 was from uTest (get paid for testing sites & apps). About $9.02 was from the survey site, Pinecone Research (received in pounds). And the rest – $14.95 – was from GPT sites (Cashle, Gift Hunter Club and Clixsense).

I rarely use GPT sites anymore. Most of what I made was via referral earnings.


Total 2015 Earnings: $1811.95

– Proofreading: $943.07

– Testing (uTest): $358.50

– GPT sites: $253.31 (Gift Hunter Club, Cashle/Points2Shop, Clixsense, CashCrate)

– Surveys: $137.87 (Prolific Academic, Pinecone Research, Pure ProfileViewsbank, The Health Hub)

– Editing: $57.36

Clickworker: $30.32

– Misc: $31.52


As you can see, I made the most with proofreading. There’s a site I use where they were looking for people to work shifts, which is how I made that much. Though they no longer offer shifts (as far as I’m aware), there’s still some money to be made on the site. Most of the $60+ I made there last month was over a period of two weeks. I dipped in and out when I wanted. Left the site’s work window open while I did other stuff, and when there was something to proofread, I either grabbed it, missed it or let it go.

If you’d like to find out more about the site, I have a password-protected post that goes more into it. $3.00 via PayPal gets you access. Also read the following post first.


Online plans for this year…

I don’t really have any concrete plans. I’d rather just go with my own flow of interest as and when it happens. Saying that, I do hope to make more online this year than I did last year.


All the best to you. I hope 2016 brings you much glitter. 🙂



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