November: a month in review…

November’s been a good month for me in terms of taking action. I’m a thinker and a dreamer. Everything I plan to do happens in my head like it’s really happening. So when it comes to actually taking action in the physical world, I either tend not to do it or see it all the way through ‘cos in my head, it’s all happened.

This month, I was inspired to stop thinking, stop planning and to start doing (‘cos nothing ain’t ever gonna happen if you don’t put your succulent butt into action, sugar).

I have another blog which is ripe for doing paid posts. And so I went ahead and added that blog to Payperpost and Smorty. Last month, I made:

$51.80 from Payperpost
and $6.00 from Smorty

Oh, I forgot to mention that I also made $5 from Blogsvertise from this blog.

So that’s a total of $62.80. It’s not a whole lot, but I tell ya, it’s more than $0 which is what I would have made had I not decided to take action and start exploring other income avenues in earnest.


1) I enjoy the ideas and the stories it triggers off in my head.

I do have a writing background. I liken paid posts to doing an exercise in a creative-writing class. Have you ever heard of free-writing or automatic writing?, when you’re given a word, a sentence or a paragraph, and you’re told to write whatever comes into your head? That’s what doing paid posts feels like to me. It keeps me on my writing toes and keeps my imagination well-oiled. I tell ya, I’ve never written as much as I did last month, and you know what?, I enjoyed it.

2) You say ‘nay’, I say ‘yay!’…

Some people are in total uproar about the whole concept of doing paid posts – completely unethical they say – that’s cool – they’re entitled to their view. But because I have a writing background, maybe my views are somewhat different. I’ve been commissioned to write poems in the past and I kinda see paid posts in a similar light – I’m being commissioned to write a story about a product, service or website.


…I’m proud of myself. For trying. Making the effort. It was less about the money (though that’s really nice), but more about what I’m capable of doing if I put my mind to it.

So, with an imaginary glass of Baileys Irish Cream raised in the air, here’s looking forward to December. For all of us.


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