November 2011: Online Earnings…

My aim for November was to make more than I did in October ($187.95) and I did just that, not by a huuuuuge amount, but an improvement by about $45 is a good thing, no?

I made $232.81 in November. On the last day, I thought it’d be just under $200. But then my client came through at the last minute and paid me, pushing it over $200.

I’m happier with these earnings than the previous month’s — actually, going all the way back to August when I made a pitiful $75.64. I know there are people out there who’d be happy to make that amount a month, but with the amount of time I’ve been making money online, and with the experience I’ve gained, and the opportunities out there, I know I can do better. I’ve just gotta find something that fits ‘cos I hate doing things I don’t enjoy.

Anyhoo, here’s November’s breakdown…
(any figures in pounds means it’s how I was initially paid.)

– Blog writing: $156.42

– Forum posting: $47.62

Swagbucks: $10.00 (get paid to search, do surveys, complete tasks, etc.)

Consumer Intelligence: $9.39 (£6.00) (survey site – this was from referral earnings)

Cashle: $7.77 (similar to Swagbucks, but with its own flavour)

– FreeUKpounds: $1.58 (£1.00) (new site – paid to complete offers)

CloudCrowd$0.03 (get paid to write, edit, review, translate, searching, data categorising, etc) (more about CloudCrowd)

Forum posting: I’ve gone back to forum posting, one of the things I used to do when I first started freelance writing. I have a private client I’ve been posting for. He’s cool. Great to work with. He also gave me a $30 bonus to say thank you. Was super chuffed with that.

The other forum posting work I do is for a site called Worth joining if anyone’s interested. Pays 20 cents a post. I think it’s open to just about anybody with a PayPal account. I’ll do a little write-up about it soon, but if you wanna join in the meantime, go here.

Swagbucks/Cashle: I’m happy with the way these two sites have been going for me lately. I usually don’t make $10/month on Swagbucks and I don’t earn that frequently on Cashle either. That’s because I don’t like doing offers. But thanks to the tasks I discovered there, I’ve been earning more than I ever have with them. It’s the first time I’ve earned $10 in one month on Swagbucks this year. And it’s the first time I’ve earned anywhere near $5/mth on Cashle.

FreeUKPounds: Though I earned more on this site than I did in October (£0.43), the site’s somewhat dead. Admin doesn’t communicate to questions in chat apart from putting a new offer up. Not impressed. I’ll continue to earn my few pennies there as long as the site’s functional or as long as I can be enthused to, but yeah, my impression of it has gone down somewhat. /// (UPDATE – 30th Dec ’12: not much happening on this site apart from offers being posted up. Very low chat activity. Admin unresponsive. Plus some offers aren’t resolving. Really not using the site that much at all anymore.) (UPDATE – Feb ’13: site no longer exists)

CloudCrowd: CloudCrowd, CloudCrowd. Me and CloudCrowd used to have a blast in the past. I earned about $335 from it this year. Last year I earned double that. However, round June/July, I’d been thinking I was becoming too dependent on the site so decided to loosen my grip a bit. It’s just as well because come July or so, I made a boo-boo on one of the tasks and lost a sizable chunk of my point credibility, which meant there were a whole lot of tasks I was exempt from doing. I wasn’t in the mood to claw my way back up to a higher point level, plus I’d partly moved on anyway before the point cut, so I well and truly moved on after that.

Recently, I’ve been looking at CloudCrowd again, attempting the odd task, massaging my points level up slowly. So that’s where that cute lil 3 cents came from. /// (UPDATE: Ah well, my re-acquaintance with CloudCrowd didn’t last very long. Lost my credibility again. I think I’m well and truly done now.)

Anyway, that’s me for November. 🙂

Last month of the year. Make it a good one, y’all.




  1. Bianca Raven

    Ebele, hun you’re such a talented writer. You should be aiming at much higher paying markets than these. I posted a new market on my blog today paying in Euros, if you’re interested. You really can earn so much more than you’re posting here. Good luck sweetie xx

  2. ebele

    Thanks for the compliment, Bianca 🙂

    I checked out your blog post – thanks! I already know about it though (via WAHM forums).

    I know I can earn more, but I do better in topics that interest me. Otherwise, it just feels like pulling teeth, which is why I packed in the whole freelance writing thing a couple of times — that and the fact that I was writing about a wide variety of subjects — found it overwhelming.

    I’m taking the specialism route now and seeing how that goes.

    Thanks for your words of encouragement.

    Take care…

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