Not Doing Too Good This Month. Houston, Do You Copy?

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I’ve made $87.00 online so far this month. Not bad for a small bill or two, but if I’m looking to hit $500 by the end of the month, then I’m not doing terribly well. At this rate, I need to be making at least $22.94 a day for the rest of the month to hit that target.


I haven’t done any freelance writing this month and there’s a part of me that’s relieved about that. I only have the one client because that’s as much as my senses can take. Crazy about my client, but while he’s thinking about the next batch of titles, I’m enjoying the hiatus.

I packed in freelance writing at the end of last year, moved on from that one client; he was cool about it. In May this year, I revived my working relationship with him ‘cos I missed writing for him – missed the freedom of expression I had. The money wasn’t bad, either.

However, the excitement has settled and the feeling of dread I used to experience has since returned, the “I’m not looking forward to writing this piece” feeling, the “let me do the vacuuming, the washing, the cooking, call Obama, ask him and Michelle how they’re doing” feeling.

It’s not that the pieces are that hard to write. It’s just that…oh, I don’t know…

Maybe I’ll never be able to get to the root of why freelance writing does what it does to my psyche, but I think it might be time to accept it for what it is and move on (once and for all).

Hmm. I see…

I’ve realised it’s not really the writing that I missed with the client, but our working relationship. I mean, I’ve been working with him for a few years. /// If the writing’s the problem, then I might ask him if he has any other projects I could work on that aren’t writing related. He does work for a web agency, so there might be other online stuff I could do. Might be worth asking, but I feel I’m well and truly done with freelance writing. Blog commenting, fine. But not content writing. I’m done.

(Update: the world looks a lot different at 3.45 on a Monday afternoon. I’m not feeling quite as anti-freelance-GRRR-writing as I did several hours ago. My feelings about it at the time were and still are valid. // Still wanna move on from it once and for all towards the end of the year.)

$500 target, Mama’s coming for yo’ ass…

If I manage my time better (she says), stick to a schedule (which is SO unGemini of me), I think I can do it. I really do. Whether I actually will is another thing, but I wanna prove to myself (and my imaginary friend in the corner) that I can (yes I can, yes I can, can, can).

Oooh, I love brackets. Evidentally 🙂

Wish me luck.

Will update on my progress.

E. / Over and out…


  1. Michelle Adams

    I would struggle a lot to write on things that I’m not all that jazzed about. I wonder how Freelance writers do it actually? Maybe they take joy out of crafting the words as opposed to focusing on the subject matter? Who knows…but at the end of the day, if writing pays the bills then it could become enjoyable from knowing that you can at least feed your imaginary friend in the corner. 🙂

  2. ebele

    Hi Michelle 🙂

    Yes, my imaginary friend has wolfed down many a sushi roll with my writing income. I think it’s time he went and got a job, though. Can’t afford to feed the two of us anymore.

    Thanks for passing by 🙂

    Take care…

  3. Anonymous

    Apologies if it’s been mentioned, but do you have any list of which online work/crowdsourcing/moneymaking sites you’re currently using?
    This is a really great blog, and I look forward to future updates!

  4. ebele

    Hi there,

    If you read my end-of-month earnings, you’ll be able to see the sites I use as well as reviews for some of them.

    Thanks for your comment (and praise!)

    Take care…

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