No. I Haven’t Dropped Off Zee Face of Zee Earth…

It wasn’t the plan for me to stay away from the blog this long. It’s just the way the crumble cookied (coooooo-kiiiiiiiie).

It happens. My enthusiasm comes and goes, but I always return…eventually.


I haven’t been completely AWOL from the blog in the past three months. I’ve been updating the sidebar and replying to comments every now and then.

So What Have I Been Up To? 

To be honest, I can’t remember. Three months is a long time. I’ll type what I can remember (in no particular order):

1) Blogging… 

The client I used to blog for (a celebrity blog), well, that’s no more. He didn’t have the time for it, so we parted ways – very amicably – he was a cool client – we promised to keep in touch from time to time. I now only write for one blog. Twice a week.

2) Blog Commenting…

I’m no longer blog commenting for the other celebrity blog (not the above client). After a while, the subject matter and comments others were leaving just weren’t sitting well with me, so I jumped. However, I now have two additional blog commenting strands, namely:

i) Some months ago, I decided to set up blog commenting as a service on Fiverr. What I offer isn’t for link building purposes, but rather to increase activity on a blog. To date, I’ve completed 11 orders and made $32 in total with $12 on the way. So $44 altogether. Well, it’s more like $43.12 after Paypal fees. I don’t promote the service, apart from the link on my blog, so I’m not sure how people find me, but they do. Sometimes I don’t get an order for days and even weeks; other times I get a handful in one go.

I charge $5 for 7 comments. Works out around 50 cents per comment once Fiverr and Paypal take off their fees. I was initially charging the same amount for 10 comments, but decided to decrease the amount of comments.

I like Fiverr. I like the way it works. It comes across professional but not devoid of humour. The only gripe I have is you have to wait 2 weeks to get paid. However, if you’re in a position where you consistently get orders, you won’t really notice that, I guess.

ii) Private client – I found a company (via Digital Point forums) looking for people to comment on blogs for them. Unlike what I offer, this is for link building. I applied and got the gig.

The company pays 50 cents a comment. The list of blogs to comment on is provided, so it saves me time having to look for URLs myself.

The only challenge I face with this gig is I have to take the comments in batches of 50, with 48 hours to finish each batch. 48 hours is more than enough time to complete 50 comments (there’s also a bit of admin involved), but…well, I’m part squirrel, ain’t I, so me and Mr Focus tend to fall out now and again. I’m working on it though.

Oh, and another thing – they pay once a month. Not ideal, but that’s their set-up. It’s not like I haven’t been paid once a month before, years ago, in the land of the 9-5.

So that’s it, or that’s what I’ve been up to online. Well what I can remember for now. I haven’t touched forum posting in a good while. I was doing quite a bit of it, then took a break. I’m thinking of going back to it soon – a way to vary what I’m doing online so the fairy of monotony doesn’t come knocking.

Haven’t shared my online earnings in months. Will share it in zee next post. 🙂

Until then, shimmy shimmy cocoa pop, shimmy shimmy shake…



  1. Dion Lynk

    I was wondering what happened to you. Welcome back! Yes fiverr is where its at! I’m a level two (and growing) graphic designer who’s been with them for 2 years and have had great success as a designer there. Stick with it and produce a video with two high quality images. That would more than handle the promotion bit for you as your orders should at least double by doing so. Been following your blog off and one for the last ~2 years and its good to know your still at it.


  2. ebele

    Hi Dion 🙂

    Thanks for the welcome! I’ve checked out your site and Fiverr. It’s cool you’re doing so well. Well done, you 🙂

    Thanks for the fiverr advice. I don’t have a camera so can’t shoot a video. But I’m gonna start looking into how to promote my profile.

    And, yeah, I’m still at it! Not as intensively as I used to be, but yeah, still making (some) money online.

    Take care…

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