My Xomba Experiment…

For anyone who hasn’t heard of a site called Xomba before, it’s a revenue-sharing article-writing/bookmarking site. I joined it about 7 months ago, but like a few sites I’m with, I joined but was never that active on it. I don’t usually give revenue-sharing sites much thought as I’m more into money I can get upfront. But lately, I’ve been having a think about the residual element of revenue-sharing sites. Writing for money upfront certainly has its rewards, no doubt about that. There’s a certain self-assuredness that comes with knowing that once I write two articles for my client, I’m gonna get $100 in my account. However, I’ve also been thinking that it would be cool if something I wrote earned me money over a longer period of time. Initially, I might not make as much as I do for upfront pay, but over time I might end up making more.

I’m not giving up one method for another, neither am I putting one above the other. Both techniques – upfront pay and residual pay – have their pros and cons. However, I’m becoming more open to trying out the latter way of earning to see what it can do for me. Hence, Xomba. I’ve chosen Xomba because I’ve heard good things about it. Some people have had various levels of success with it and they seem to have a supportive admin team and member base.

Articles = Xombytes. Bookmarks = Xomblurbs.

In keeping with the Xomba theme, any articles you post up are known as Xombytes and bookmarks are called Xomblurbs. Xombytes have to be no less then 150 words. Xomblurbs are basically links to things you find on the web that you think other people might find interesting. You accompany your link with a short review (minimum 50 words) describing what you’re linking people out to.

The content you write in your Xombytes and Xomblurbs have to be unique.

I’m still learning the ropes, but here’s an example of a Xombyte and Xomblurb I wrote.

The Revenue-sharing Part of Xomba…

…is via Adsense on a 50/50 basis (you get 50%; Xomba gets 50%). You can also earn 10% of the ad revenue your referrals earn.

From what I’ve read, there are a number of factors that contribute towards you earning. It’s a matter of experimenting to find out what works for you. However, the following factors play a role in some way:

– the keywords you use
– how well you write
– how regularly you write
– how well you promote your writing/ how much (relevant) traffic you attract
– how much you enjoy what you’re doing

It also helps to mingle within the Xomba community. I don’t think this affects earnings, but it’s not a bad thing to do.

My Plan is…

– to post more Xomblurbs than Xombytes. I’ve read that this can be a good strategy. Besides, I’m not overly enthused about writing articles anyway, so bookmarking is right up my alley.

– to recreate the bookmarks I have on StumbleUpon as Xomblurbs

– to post all the blogs I frequently visit as Xomblurbs

– to visit sites like Google Trends and Yahoo News to find out what’s popular and create blurbs/bytes around them.

– to create blurbs/bytes around what interests me. For example, I like photography so I’ve started creating Xomblurbs that point to pics I like.

– to comment on other members’ bytes/blurbs that I find interesting

I plan on creating 12-15 Xomblurbs and 1 Xombyte a week (possibly 2 – we’ll see).

I’m just gonna play around and see how it goes.

Wish me luck.




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