My Xomba Experiment: an Update…

Hey! How do? (you superstar, you)

Right, I thought it’s time I wrote an update on how it’s going for me with Xomba; it’s kinda overdue.

Briefly, Xomba is an article-writing/bookmarking site monetised with Adsense ads. For a bookmark, you just need to write a short summary of a site you want to point people to. Any ad revenue that’s generated via anything you write is shared between you and Xomba (50/50). You can read more about the site here.

I joined Xomba about 10 months ago, but wasn’t that active on it. It was only in October that I started picking up pace.

How Much I’ve Made Since…

I haven’t made a killing, but I’m pleased to see that posting on Xomba has made my Adsense earnings do what they hardly ever used to do: grow. Also, a lot of this is residual in some ways ‘cos once I’ve posted up, I haven’t had to do anything else, but I’ve still earned.

So far, my Adsense earnings (via Xomba) are as follows:

November – £2.31
December – £2.32
January (so far) – £4.60 (update: finished january at £5.82)

(p.s.: on Adsense, I changed my earnings from dollars to pounds)

My Observations, Dear Watson:

– my bookmarks seem to earn me more than my articles do

– the popularity of an article/bookmark isn’t always directly related to how much I’ll earn. A less popular article/bookmark may earn me more than a more popular one.

– I get to write about different topics without the need to set up a blog (or a niche blog)

– I find Xomba is also a great way to experiment with any ideas I have – to test for popularity or my own passion for the topic – before pressing on with my own blog if I want to.

– even though I could do away with the middleman, set up my own blog, put Adsense on it and get a 100% cut, I like the fact that Xomba gets me traffic quicker than if I’d set up my own blog. I’m happy to share my ad revenue with them on that basis.

– I’m enjoying the idea of discovering what works and what doesn’t. I’ve had some surprises.

– some posts are instantly popular and some take time to mature

– Xomba can also be a good affiliate/referral marketing tool. I’m only beginning to explore it, but I’ve gotten a few sign-ups that way.

So, yeah, so far, so good…

Was just a trial, but I think I’m gonna stick with Xomba a lot longer and keep on experimenting. The bookmarking suits me to a tee; prefer it to writing articles. Plus, it seems to be rubbing up my Adsense account the right way. I’ve never reached payout on Adsense. This year I’d like to. Would be cool. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve had a cynical attitude towards Google and Adsense; I still have my reservations, but maybe part of the problem was I didn’t understand the mechanics of it all.

Anyhoo, onwards and upwards.

Our faces were made to touch the sky, you know?



  1. ebele

    Hi Ruth 🙂

    Yeah, I think it’s worth a shot. If anything, you stand the benefit of gaining backlinks as Xomba allows you to point links to your blogs/sites.

    Take care…

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