My Poetry Blog Experiment – Part 3: TRAFFIC…

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traffic(you might want to read part 1 & part 2 first).

I’ve been on a traffic tip over the past few days. For some reason, I’ve been concentrating more on the name poetry blog than the sensuality one, so I’m just gonna let the first blog have its way and go with its flow for a couple more days. From next week though, I’m gonna work on each blog on alternate days.

What I’ve Done So Far For Traffic…

I know some of the things I need to do to draw traffic, but knowing and doing are two different things. I’m a relative noob when it comes to the doing, so any proactive steps I take is not only a learning process but a huge improvement on, well, doing very little.

My immediate plan is to do quite a bit of relevant blog commenting, forum/message board participating and twittering. I’m also going to use Xomba to create several links pointing to the name poetry blog. (i can’t do it for the other one as Xomba doesn’t allow mature content). I read that pointing links to a blog is like spinach for Popeye. The healthier the site the link’s coming from, the better. Xomba does well on Google, so any links from there pointing to the blog is a good thing in Google’s eyes. (well, erm, that’s what I picked up from reading several blogs – makes sense to me).

I know there are other things I can do in terms of getting traffic — and I will in time — but I’d rather take my time and not overload myself into giving up. Another reason is I want to maintain a balance between enjoying (my) creativity and doing the footwork to monetise, get traffic, etc.

So far, for the name poetry blog, I’ve:

– browsed for and made a note of a handful of relevant blogs, forums and message boards (e.g., poetry, baby names, etymology sites). Started leaving comments on them.

– set up a Twitter account (@iwritenamepoems). Added/adding relevant twitterers to follow.

– stumbled the blog on StumbleUpon

– used Xomba to build backlinks to each blog post. Haven’t backlinked all yet, but getting there.

For the other blog, I’ll be doing more of the same.

Once I’ve gotten into a flow I’m happy with, I’ll add other traffic-drawing methods such as article marketing (which I’m not really looking forward to) and submitting the blogs to blog directories and such.

I’m out…



  1. TriNi

    Seems like you have a game plan. 🙂

    I’m not a pro at traffic or SEO but from what I’ve learned, here’s a little summary .. off course there are other things as well but these are the major ones I least from what I’ve learned so far.

    – Keyword. You need to pick a keyword that you think people search for in terms of your blog. So for example, “original poetry”, or something along those lines.. I think you get what I mean. Then you need to use those keywords within your posts, and titles as well. I know this might seem hard and at times a bit repetitive, but it’s just something you have to try to work into the blog without going too overboard. So for example, for every 100 words or so, try to use the keyword phrase at least once.

    – Backlinks. Just like you mentioned, backlinks are important.. probably the most important I think. Content for me comes naturally.. all that keyword stuff I get.. but backlinks is where I have the most trouble. I try to do at least 5 good backlinks a day.. that relates to about 300 links a month.. it really adds up. These links should be from sites that are relevant to your blog, and they should always be anchor text links. Meaning if you’re trying to rank for “green polka dots” on google, then everytime you leave a comment etc, you should leave it as “green polka dots” in the name field. Again, this isn’t always something you might feel comfortable doing but for ranking purposes it’s necessary. You can always look at the other comments and see what other people are doing, if they’re leaving keyword names or not.

    There are also other ways to get backlinks… writing articles and linking to your blog within somewhere using your keywords off course, social bookmarking (sites like xomba).. there are tons of others, etc.

    I hope I don’t sound like I’m lecturing you lol.. it’s just that you’ve stuck by me since the beginning and I really wanna help you do well.

    If you choose the right kind of blog/site, you can hit a goldmine with Google Adsense.

    To let you know.. I’ve set up a site about a particular facebook app (farmville), not sure if you’re familiar with it.. but I only did basic SEO on it.. about 10% of what I’ve done for my make money online blog.. and because it’s such a widely played and addictive game, I get about 500+ hits on it per day.. and it definitely makes my Google Adsense paycheck add up.

    I’ve probably spent about a week all together putting together that site and working on a little SEO/backlinking etc.. and it’s like a mini gold mine for me now..

    You can do it too.. I know there are a lot of people writing poetry so it might be a bit harder to rank for, but if I’ve ranked for “make money online free” which is seriously a competitive term, I’m sure you can do it too!

    Keep working at it ebele. 🙂 Don’t give up.

    TriNi @ Make Money Online Free

  2. ebele

    TriNi: gurl, do you know I was thinking about asking you how you do your SEO thing? And then you go and leave this comment 🙂 Bless your helpful soul, hun. I really appreciate your detail.

    Keywords – I recently revisited Google’s Keyword Tool and made a list of all the keywords that I’d like to rank for (and were getting a relative amount of searches per month.) Unfortunately, I can’t work those keywords into my poems. It wouldn’t make sense. However, I’ve worked it into the blog title and some of the images and also the post labels.

    Backlinks – a work in progress. I’ll definitely remember to leave those keywords where I can (if it’s allowed on the blog I’m at at the time).

    Other ways – I know writing articles is a good strategy. Part of what puts me off about it is I don’t know what to write about. However, I recently had the idea that I’ll just Google around to see what people are asking about name poems, poetry, baby names, names in general and then try and create an article around that.

    I’ve seen your Farmville site before. I’m really glad it’s going so well for you 🙂

    Thank you sooooo much for breaking it down to me and for your encouragement.

    Take care, hun…

  3. TriNi

    You’re so welcome. 🙂

    I don’t leave comments that long on everyone’s blog lol.. but I do appreciate your support towards me and always having my back in this blogging thing so I honestly wanted to help you out.

    SEO is boring.. so just prepare yourself for it mentally. I don’t “enjoy” doing it per say.. but I need the money and that’s what motivates me.

    With the keyword thing.. I’m not sure what you’re keywords are but if it’s possible to write a short intro before your poems and include the keywords, that would be fab!

    As for articles, with your poetry blog you can try writing about “why you write poetry, what you enjoy about it, how you started,” stuff like that I guess. Just something that makes up an article so that you can leave your link at the end. Try places like Ezine, HubPages, Squidoo, etc.. use your keywords as the title of the article if possible.

    If you need any more help.. don’t hesitate to shoot me an email. 🙂

  4. Udegbunam Chukwudi

    Try and make sure that a good number of the blogs you are commenting on are dofollow blogs. If not you might just be wasting your time getting backlinks that won’t help your traffic. Have a wonderful evening 😉

  5. ebele

    Trini – those are two really good ideas, especially the bit about writing an intro before the poem and placing keywords in it. Thank you 🙂

    Udegbunam – I hear you on the do-follow tip. I’ll definitely bear that in mind; however, I don’t think leaving comments on no-follow blogs would hurt – you never know, whoever happens to be reading the blog I comment on might click on my link.

  6. TriNi

    You’re welcome.

    And as for the DoFollow thing, “do follow” blogs definitely help! But you’re right.. no follow blogs don’t exactly hurt either.

    I even read one post by someone that did an experiment about if Google counts no follow links and they ONLY commented on no follow blogs and sites.. then checked back a while after and they WERE indexed in Google.

    So the truth is.. Google never reveals exactly how they do their ranking.. so no one knows.

    So the approach I take is wherever I can comment I do. No follow or not. The more links the better.

    The only places you want to stay away from are sites that are against Google’s TOS, example “adult content” sites, link farms, etc.

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