My New Blog:

Yep, Mama’s got a brand new blog! I was kinda on and off with surveys last year, but I still managed to make a couple of hundred from it. This year, I wanna get back into doing them. If I managed to make over $300 last year with on-and-off committment, then I’m curious to see how much I can potentially make if I up the committment a couple of levels.

I decided to set up a separate blog for it. Give it its own island, you know.

Surveyosity will be a mixture of survey reviews and updates on how the survey world’s going for me. Last year, I aimed to make $500 by December. Didn’t quite work out that way, mainly because I set the target too late (in August). But, well, this year, I’m starting out real early with the same target in mind.

I put my earnings on there in pounds ‘cos most of the survey sites I’m with actually pay in pounds anyway, but I’ve also put the dollar equivalent in brackets.

Anyway, wish me luck!

(p.s.: I’m curious to know if you’ve taken up any new projects of your own this year or have any plans to. How’s it going for you? Good luck, anyways.)

Have a great weekend, people.


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