Much Ado About Adsense: Act 1, Scene 1…

(Meanwhile, at the bus stop…)

ADSENSE: Hi, my name’s Adsense.

ME: Adsense?, that’s a … erm… nice name – where you from?

ADSENSE: …well, my dad’s originally from a little picturesque village called Googletopia and my mum’s…

ME: …anyway, what do you want?

ADSENSE: Can I be part of your clique? Can I? Can I?

ME: Wasn’t aware I had a cl… yeah, sure you can join ‘my clique’!

ADSENSE: Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! – you don’t know how much this means to me – I could kiss you

ME: …for the love of God, brush your teeth first…


ME: Anyway, to join my clique, your first task is to hop on one leg, go ‘oink, oink, oink’ and twitch your ears in time to Mozart’s Symphony 35.


ME: …and then after that, could you take the rubbish out?


ME: DO YOU WANNA BE PART OF THE CLIQUE OR DO YOU WANNA BE PART OF THE CLIQUE? (I rise, towering over Adsense in my Dracula cloak and thigh-high boots)

ADSENSE: … (gulp)




So what’s this (Google) Adsense thingymegetjiggywithit anyway?: Err, long story short, you put ads on your site – Google pay you everytime someone clicks on it. Ta-naaaaaa. The End.

And when did you, my buxom maiden, join Adsense?: Before my birth, before the sun found its mate, before birds knew they could fly, before God knew he was a guy…

OK and so far, how much have you made with it on this blog?:   $1000

minus $999.65…

Ah well…

I bid ye adieu.


  1. Oldbuddy

    Now that I have recovered from laughing so hard, I can thank you. Your right on when you share your experience with AdSense. I did make $100 with them, but I never got it! They have a nasty habit of canceling accounts for nothing and making up some lame excuse.

  2. 2ThePoint

    Hey OldBuddy!

    Yep, I’ve heard about that – which is why I’m thinking of diversifying my monetisation strategy as I don’t want to be dependant on them. Google ain’t gonna hoogle this maiden, no siree!

    Thanks for passing through. Appreciated.

    take care…

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