Money just waiting to be made….

(pic by: Hamed Masoumi)
I wanna mention a site I came across some days back. I’ve combed through it all and found it really fascinating. It’s about ‘Everything needed to profit from free, public domain material‘. From it, what I gather ‘public domain material’ to mean is works whose copyrights have expired or aren’t covered by copyright. These materials then become freely available to the public domain (i.e. freely available for me, you and your average Joe to use, repackage, rebrand and resell if we wish).

The site mentions that in the US, all material created before 1923 are, by default, in the public domain. Did you know that? That and any material created before 1964 that didn’t renew its copyright. Fascinating. These works range from literature to government publications to images and films.

The site also gives detailed and useful ideas on how to profit from this, for example, creating wallpapers and screensavers from public domain images and selling them online.

Obviously copyright laws differ from country to country, but I’d say this site has opened my eyes to an area I didn’t even know about. Was well worth the read as an intro into the possibilities. I definitely plan on doing more research into this area.

May 2008 be everything that you wish for and then some.

Toodooloo 🙂


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