Me. Myself. And a Fart or Two…

img credit: mark i geo

I remember years ago when I thought about the internet, it was with trembling excitement. I saw the internet as an experimental playground. I had tons of ideas and, in my mind, it would be the perfect platform for me to try them out.

Somewhere along the way, I’ve lost sight of that purpose, that sense of adventure and experimentation. I’ve forgotten to have fun with the internet, to just put an idea out there and see where it takes me.

I wanna go back to that.

I’m not giving up on this blog. Big Mama just needed some timeout to think.



  1. Dean Saliba

    I think we all need a bit of a timeout from various things from time to time.

    I know I certainly do.

    I would say I’ve missed the random weirdness you post on your blog but your posts on Twitter make up for that. 😛

  2. 2ThePoint


    I haven’t quite figured out Twitter, but there’s no harm in having fun while I’m at it!

    take care…

    2ThePoint (Eurovision Intern)

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