May Update…

Well, I’ve almost reached the amount I made in April (at $129.48 at the mo’), and I’m confident I’ll surpass it. By how much, I don’t know.


Really happy about a testing gig I got in March. It’s with a site called uTest. It’s like crowd-tasking where you get lots of people working through various jobs, except in this case, it’s testing (sites/apps, etc). / Got my first bit of work with them this month. Keen on the income potential, flexibility and experience. Looking forward to hopefully getting more opportunities.

I also joined another crowd-testing site called MyCrowd.



I’m still proofreading, but doing the shift work on a one-week-on-and-one-week-off basis has fallen by the wayside this month. I don’t think I wanna do the shifts at all anymore. I might change my mind next month. And change it back again. And that’s OK. 🙂

For now, I just proof work on the site when I want, as & when it comes in, and cash out when I hit the minimum $5.00. I might make less than when I take on shifts, but this way’s more flexible; that’s important to me.


Rest of the month…

Research/explore more opportunities to earn from testing. There’s a specific kind I’m looking for, not the kind where you verbally give feedback, but where feedback is typed up, screen-captured. I’m better at that, I feel.


Anyway, that’s it. I desire to make more money, in ways I enjoy and/or am interested in, and let that desire guide the way.



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