May ’10 Online Earnings…

may 2010 online earningsWhat an interesting few weeks it’s been. If anyone told me I’d be back freelance writing, I’d have felt their forehead for a fever. But, yes yes yes, here I am writing again.

I handed in an additional two pieces yesterday; met the deadline AGAIN. Yay, me! Yay sooooo not me – but, erm, it would appear that it is (or can be) if I focus and pace myself.


I made $142.29 in May – about $50 more than April.

(any figures in brackets means I was originally paid in pounds)

– Writing (private client) – $57.66

– Proofreading (private client) – $33.33

Pinecone Research (survey site) – $17.55 (£12.00) (I’ve never received this many surveys from Pinecone in one month (4 surveys). Definitely not complaining. Keep ’em coming, Pinecone.)

Freelancer affiliate program$10.88 (formerly Minimum payout’s $30. I’d had about $11 sitting in that account for months – so what I did was Paypal $20 across so I could reach the $30 min payout, then I withdrew the whole amount.)

Swagbucks (paid to search) – $10.00 (read review)

– Forum posting (private client) – $6.43

Crowdology (survey site) – $5.97 (£4.16)

QuickRewards Network (GPT site) – $0.47 (read review)

TOTAL — $142.29

So how’za June looking?

I expect that, with the renewed writing, June will be a better online-earning month for me. I might have a fairly-sizable proofing gig on this month (fingers crossed), plus I have some forum-posting work. I’m also gonna start reaching out for a blog-commenting gig or two. I have enough to be keeping busy with. Just need to apply myself.

This month is all about action for me; curious about what I can achieve. I’m my own lab rat…

Here’s to a super-duper month for all of us. Make it purr.



  1. TriNi

    Awesome JOB!!! Sooo proud of you! Great month hun! Keep it up! Keep up that freelance stuff as well! Seems to be great.. wish I had more time on my hands I might even try to get into it! But right now I’m too swamped to even function lol. Still haven’t even written my April total earnings update! That’s how backwards I am lol.. gonna get to some work now.. take care!!

    TriNi @ Make Money Online Free

  2. ebele


    I think you’d be really good at freelancing.

    It’s understandable that you’ve been real busy of late.

    Take care, hun, and thanks for passing by…


  3. Dino Vedo

    Nice earnings, but I bet you could make a lot more!

    I own a freebie site network at

    Its much better than any survey site that you have joined, and can make you much more than what you are making per month in just a few days of completing offers!

    Hope you like it, any questions contact me at my blog!

  4. ebele

    Hello Dino,

    Thanks for passing through.

    I can appreciate the effort that must have gone into building your freebie site, so well done 🙂 However, it’s not a site I’ll be exploring as, to be honest with you, having been online for a good couple of years, I see no difference between what your site offers and what other GPT sites like Cashcrate and Treasure Trooper offer. Been there, done that, won’t be doing it again.

    Again, good luck.

    Take care,


  5. Nina

    Interesting… trying to make a living as a freelancer too.. will definitely keep an eye out on your new ideas! Thanks (or, sorry?)

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