Mango May: Month-end Earnings…

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Mark my words – in 5 mins time, I’ll be saying ‘Happy Christmas’. That’s how frikkin fast time flies. Scary. June already?


I made $181.06 online in May. This was made through a combination of writing, proofreading, and selling a few copies of my ebook.

My penny savings have also increased to 292 pennies (up from 252 pennies in April).

This time last month, I was looking to:

– increase my online income through freelance writing, the promotion of my ebook and the (possible) development of another website.

Life happened. Didn’t get round to touching a new site, let alone promoting my ebook (I did sell a couple of copies though), but I stuck with the writing.


I think one of the highlights for me in May in terms of earning online has been getting a freelance-writing gig that’s paying me over $50 an article. It’s not just the money though – I’m amazed by the circumstances which lead to it happening. I got it through a forum-posting gig I did months ago. The forum owner got in touch with me much later asking me if I’d be interested in writing as he liked the way I wrote.

The topics I’m writing about are mad interesting, and I’m just really grateful I got the gig for just being myself (whoever that is!). That’s really important to me.


I think I’m just gonna concentrate on the freelance writing this month. Everything else I manage to get done on top of that will be a bonus.

Have a great month, y’all… Intimidate the thunder. Smile the rainbow awake.



  1. 2ThePoint

    Thanks, Ajith!

    DP can be a little overwhelming as it’s so prolific.

    You don’t write articles ‘on DP’, though. Rather, it’s one of the places where you can secure writing opportunities and deliver them to the client in the format you both agree upon (via email, directly on their blog, etc.)

    I can’t tell you which offers are good – it depends on what you’re looking for in terms of pay, what the client’s offering, (sometimes) their iTrader, etc. However, if you find one that you think you might be interested in doing, send me the link (via email – me AT – I’ll check it out and reply to you.

    take care…

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