Mama’s Got a New Blog-Commenting Gig :-)

I nabbed myself a blog commenting gig via Digital Point forums. Decided to apply for it ‘cos it was in the celebrity niche and I already blog in that area. The pay’s OK, $7 a week for 7 comments a day (min 30 words per comment). That works out at about 14 cents a comment.

The client comes across nice enough, friendly, polite. The comments don’t take too long for me to make ‘cos I’m responding conversationally.

Getting this gig gave me an idea, though: to explore other ways of making money in the celebrity niche. I already blog in the niche and have been doing so since May. I’m now blog commenting. So it might be an idea for me to explore the different services I could sell in that one area:

– blogging
– blog commenting
– forum posting
– tweeting
– writing articles on HubPages and Squidoo
– writing Build My Rank posts


Something for me to seriously look into doing, methinks.

…aaaaand in other news…

I also got a writing gig. It’s only for three pieces, but I hope it turns out to be long-term as it’s something I definitely wouldn’t mind doing because of the subject matter. It’s about acts of kindness, writing stories about it. The pay isn’t great, less than $0.01/word, but it doesn’t matter that much to me. I really believe in the beauty of what the client’s trying to do. Plus personally, I tire of hearing bad news all the time. I’m not trying to close my eyes and ears to all the drama going on in the world, but I also know that there’s beauty. I wanna see some of that too. His site focuses on that, so I’m all for it.

So I’m chalking this particular gig down to giving back; a low-paid gig for something worthy.



  1. Anonymous

    Can you advise any service provider, who can handle blog commenting services developments?

  2. ebele

    Hi Anon,

    I don’t think I completely understand your question. Do you mean someone who offers blog commenting as a service? Or someone who offers the development of such a service?

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