Loans, Moans, Insurance, Assurance.

insuranceI’m very wary and sceptical of loan companies (and financial institutions in general). I only trust reputable well-known companies and even with the level of trust I may have with the well-known ones, I wouldn’t take out a loan in the foreseeable future as I owe so much money and I really wanna clear those up. I have an overdraft, a credit card bill of a couple thousands to pay off and my normal abnormal bills. It’s not to say I haven’t been tempted though – years ago, I almost took out a £5000 loan, but changed my mind at the very last minute. Thank God for that – I would have ended up digging a bigger debt hole for myself.

To me, online loan companies aren’t any different as I can’t see them face to face – I mean there isn’t a branch I can walk into, is there?

So I was checking out one of these online companies and I chuckled when I saw that they have Poor Driver Auto Insurance Rates. I’m like, wouldn’t you feel embarrassed applying for that kind of insurance? Hello Mr Insurer, erm, I’m a crap driver, can I get some insurance?  But, oh well, I guess someone has to love that particular driver apart from their Momma. In my experience, people who have received County Court Judgments tend to pay a higher premium on loans – I see no reason why it would be different when someone with a poor driving record wants to take out insurance.

I do acknowledge that it would be wise for me to get some kind of insurance – like coverage for my sports car (ahem, if I had one. One can dream.), or a teen driver auto policy (if I were one. Again, one can dream. Although I’d rather be 19, not 16. 16 was too… noisy.)

Ok, on a serious note, I really should get some kind of insurance, that and a pension – I don’t have a pension. And savings too. But I’m too broke at the mo’ to invest in that part of my future (cue sad violin music).


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