Kooday.com: Avoid…

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Just a quick post to warn anyone who’s thinking about joining Kooday. Don’t. It’s turned into a big ole scam. Hasn’t paid its members in months.

Kooday is (was?) a site where you could buy and sell keywords with a minimum $5 investment. The idea was the site would eventually build a search engine of some sort which would make the exchange of keywords all the more lucrative.

I joined (in August last year I think) because I was curious, wanted to have a snoop around.

Kooday developed teething problems soon after I joined – I think they’d been around for a few months by that time. It started with the minimum payout being increased from $1.00 to $5.00, then the payment method was switched from Paypal to AlertPay. Payments were then stalled for some months, apparently due to the switch, but then payments resumed and I got paid consistently.

Two or three months ago, the payments stopped, but I really didn’t notice ’til June. When I did notice, it didn’t bother me that much as by then I had more than made my money back on my $5 investment ($60 profit in total – cashed out in increments every time I reached minimum payout).

Several excuses were given by Kooday for the delay in payments…one excuse after the other. But you can only give so many excuses before they start wearing thin and the penny finally drops.

I lost nothing. Some members weren’t so lucky.

Some are trying to see if they can get their money back by filing a dispute through AlertPay. I think others were considering getting the law involved.

Kooday has bitten the dust and seems to have scammed thousands of dollars off people in its wake. If you see it coming towards you, run the other way, even if it looks and smells like a chocolate effigy of Angelina Jolie.

You’ve been warned.

Scams’ta la vista, baby…



  1. avatarlady

    I knew it. Right from the start when I first stumbled over Kooday I knew it’s a big scam. The graphics design of the homepage looks very fishy and cheaply done. Too bad for you Big Momma it took you a long time to have figured it out.

  2. ebele

    Hi avatarlady 🙂

    It’s not too bad for me, hun. In fact, it’s not bad for me at all. I lost nothing. Only invested $5 and made a $60 profit – cashed out every time I reached minimum payout. Never left money in there.

    I smelt a rat when I first joined and for months afterwards. But when I started getting paid, I wasn’t exactly gonna refuse, was I? 🙂 If they were paying, then I was up for the taking. However, I was never tempted to put in anymore than the initial $5.

    I feel sorry for those who invested much more than I did. Some made money on their considerable investment when things appeared to be running smoothly, but some also lost money when Kooday stopped paying – some more than others.

    Ah well – things like this happen unfortunately. Scam sites abound.

    Take care…

  3. ebele

    Hi Tamil,

    Sorry you lost your money there. Hope it wasn’t for much. My saving grace was:

    a) I only invested $5 (and more than got my money back)

    b) I cashed out everytime I reached minimum cashout.

    Anyway, I hope we all learn from it. There will always be sites like Kooday popping up unfortunately. We just have to do what we can do on our end by being cautious.

    Take care…

  4. Golden2002

    I lost $15,000.00. I had been in it for 8 months. My daughter got me started and I went wild. Learned another lesson about being impulsive and trusting farfetched bull sh*t.

  5. ebele

    Oh my God, Golden2002, so so sorry you lost so much. Wow. So sorry.

    Is taking the company that owns Kooday to court a possibility?

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