Knackered…with extra fries on the side…

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I am SO tired, it’s unreal. I got myself a temporary job (in the offline world) ‘cos the bills were threatening to swallow me whole (I would have tasted damn good, too!).

The job’s 6 hours a day, 4 days a week, but starts at 6am. The early starts are killing me as I’m a night owl. I just can’t seem to get any shuteye before 12 midnight.

I’m also taking on writing gigs alongside that, so I’m basically jumping from one job to another. I finish work, get a couple of hours sleep if I can, then I either start working towards one writing deadline or the other, or I’m busy looking for more writing work.

On my days off, I’m trying to recover from the early starts and by the time I know it, my week rolls round again.

The transition sucks between completely letting go of an old career and embracing a new one. I’m earning online with my writing but not enough to not take up an additional job in the offline world.

I’m gonna say it now: I won’t meet the $2000 online target I set for myself this month (but I think I might FINALLY exceed $400 a month this month – fingers crossed!).

I guess part of the reason why I came up with a $2000 target was because the 1st of this month fell on a Monday and I was feeling super-duper enthusiastic. I’m at my most hopeful on Mondays, you see. I don’t think I was being realistic. However, in time, I do think I can reach that monthly target. In the meantime, trying to juggle what is effectively two jobs is really wearing me out.


I need chocolate.



  1. Ajith Edassery

    So you are on a diff job right now? That tells why you are playing hide n seek in the blogosphere 😉

    Btw, I think your $2K target was hampered by the computer crash? Waiting for the income report to see that you have crossed the $400 barrier this month…


  2. 2ThePoint

    Hi Ajith 🙂

    I’d say it’s more of an additional job than a different job as I’m still freelancing online along with this new job.

    I didn’t meet that $2k target for a variety of reasons, but I am confident that I’ll reach it in time.

    Will pass by your blog to see how you’re doing.

    take care…

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