June 2010: Online Earnings…

(img credit: Zaggy J.)

June’s seen a marked improvement in my earnings. Made $492.96; about $350 more than I did in May. Yay!

I was hoping to hit the $500 mark as I was waiting on a couple of payments, but that didn’t happen. Got them eventually, so that goes into my July kitty.

(any figures in pounds means I was originally paid in that currency)

– Writing: $369.63 (private client – $346.56; Work-Online – $16.16 (£11.61); forum posting – $6.91/ **re: Work-Online – I’d had about £8 sitting there for a good while. Went back & wrote enough to reach the £10 min payout.)

– Advertising: $67.32 (I can’t believe it, but I was approached to sell some advertising on one of my blogs. Schweet!)

Getaslogan: $23.62 (You suggest a slogan. If yours gets selected, you get paid $25 for it (it’s now $15). One of mine got chosen! /// Two levels: basic & premium. If you progress to the premium level, you get paid more. I got paid at the basic level.)

– Proofreading: $11.02 (private work)

CloudCrowd: $8.70 (You get paid to complete a variety of tasks including editing, translating, reviewing & data entry. Facebook-based. Have to take a test to do most of the tasks.)

Swagbucks (paid to search)$5.00 (read review)

Pinecone Research (survey site): $4.46 (£3.00) (to read more about my survey meanderings, visit my survey blog)

– ebay: $2.93 (£1.96) (I’ve started decluttering. My flat could do with the detox.)

QuickRewards Network (GPT site)$0.28 (read review)

TOTAL: $492.96

Hey, July – How Are Ya?

Over the past couple of days, I’ve been flipping this round in my head:

$1000 this month, $1000 this month, $1000 this month…

It’s been a statement as well as a question. A mixture of confidence, curiosity & excitement on the one hand — and “who’re you kidding?” & “you sure you wanna aim that high? In public, too, fool?” on the other.

But, what the hell, I’m gonna shoot for it, dammit.

Making $1000 doesn’t seem as important as the EFFORT to TRY and do it.

So, I’m gonna give it a shot 🙂




  1. myvirtualworld

    Hey 🙂 Long Time No See~
    I have been off doing other things and now as I see my income slide down to almost NIL I have found myself coming back to the things I was doing last year when I was earning more dinero. Of course your blog is my first stop, I keep seeing that Pine cone Research in blogs so I might give that a shot and maybe get back into some writing.
    I was very happy to see that YOU girly are still earning away, so I must read all your last months entries and see where to go from there. Hope you are well and see you around Amiga!

  2. ebele

    Hey, you 🙂

    Wow, it’s been a veeeery long time! Missed your blog updates. Thought you’d decided to move on to other things. Good to have you back 🙂

    Yes, I’m still here. I gave up on writing in December, but I’m back doing it again. Started in May.

    I know you’ll do well. I have every confidence that you’ll build yourself back up.

    Take care…will be passing by your blog soon.

  3. TriNi

    Awesome earnings ebele! So proud of you for sticking with things!!

    Anyway… good luck with your July earnings. I’ve been shooting for that $1000 myself so far, but can’t seem to make it yet.

    However, I do have a question. I’m really interested in the freelance writing work you do. Where do you get your clients from? Seem like they pay quite a lot! If you have any info you can share with me, I’ll be really grateful. I really love writing, and like I told you before, it’s sometimes hard for me to write on command like that.. but I’m hoping with the pay being that good.. it’s a good motivator to get things done!

    Email me if you can with any info I can use if I wanna get started. 🙂

    Thanks a mil hun!!

    TriNi @ Make Money Online Free

  4. ebele

    Hello m’lady 🙂

    Aww, thanks, lovely!

    Was looking through my spreadsheet and it’s the most I’ve made online in a month in over a year.

    Would love to hit the $1000 mark this month, but if I don’t, as long as I’m improving from month to month, then it’s all good.

    Will have a think and get in touch with you via email re: the writing.

    Take care 🙂

  5. Murlu

    Wow, your income came out really great – excellent job with the writing!

    That’s what I really love about writing; you become better at it by doing more of it, can command a higher price and it’s always in demand.

    The slogan thingie seems interesting, kind of reminds me of that one website where you pick domain names for people.

  6. ebele

    Hi Murlu,


    As much as I sometimes grumble about writing, it’s been good to me as an income source. At some point, I need to take it to the next level (specialise, make more money per piece).

    Yeah, getaslogan’s cool. Was way cooler when they also paid at the basic level.

    I think I know the site you’re taking about. Pickydomains or something like that? I tried that site a long time ago; didn’t work for me.

    Have a great month and thanks for passing by again.

    Take care…

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