July 2011: Online Earnings…

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Since I don’t see myself making anymore dough (doe, a deer, a female deer/ ray, a drop of golden dim summmmmm/ Big Mama, a name I call myself/ far, a long long way to ruuuuuuuun…)


Reeeeewind. Come again, selector.

Since I don’t, I said since I don’t, I said since I don’t, fi-ki, fi-ki, fii…

Reeeeewind. Drop it again. Yey, boy-iiiiiiiiiiii.

Since I don’t see myself making anymore online dough’iness today, I thought I’d write up me earnings for July.

All in all, it came to $298.88.

Not over the moon with that. Buuuut, it is what it is, I guess. Can’t change what’s done.

So zis here iz zee breakdown…

 – Blogging – $183.82

 – Ad hoc work – $65.57 (for bits & pieces I did for a client – blog promotion, design tweaking, etc.)

 – CloudCrowd$37.08 (my credibility recently dipped from 100 to 25 after I failed a task I hadn’t tried before. 25 means less tasks available. The $37.08 I made was before I took the hit. Putting CloudCrowd on the backburner for a while.) (more about CloudCrowd)

 – Crowdology$6.69 (£4.16) (survey site)

 – Swagbucks: $5.00 (paid to search) (more about Swagbucks)

 – QuickRewards Network: $0.72 (GPT site) (more about QuickRewards)

Plans for August…

Even though I made just shy of $300 this month, blogging accounted for over half of it. So in August I’m gonna be focusing on that side of things. The plan is to create more weekly posts for one of my celebrity blog clients. And for the other client, I’ll ask if he wants me to start creating an x amount of posts a week for his celebrity blog as it’s currently not being updated that much. If he says yes, then it’s fresh content for the blog and extra regular income for me.

Would like to add one more client to my blogging roster. I’m mindful of giving myself too much work as I have offline things I’m working on. However, it would be good to secure one more blogging gig. I’m still sticking to my two niches: Celebrity and Paranormal. Would prefer a new paranormal gig as I’m already covering the other.

My mind’s thinking of a 3rd niche, but that’s all it is for now.

I’ve lost two income sources: CloudCrowd and the other celeb/film blog that wasn’t paying that much. So August is going to be the month of focusing on what works.

Hope y’all had a super July. If not, August is a new outfit just waiting to be worn. Tailor it to suit you.

Here’s to an orgasmic August, people!


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