Jazzy June: month-end earnings…

Yeeeeeehaaaaaa! I broke through the $300/month barrier! I made $331.59 (online) in June. Yes sireee!

(proof of payment below)

Most of it, as usual, was from freelance writing. The rest was for a little bit of proofreading and finally hitting payout at Pigsback.com (got a £10 voucher in the post for that which I plan to give to my sister).


I guess I shouldn’t tell myself July’s gonna be a tough month ‘cos it’s like setting myself up – but I can feel it in the wind like the sickly-sweet smell of candied nuts (or those nasty hotdogs sold by illegal street traders down Oxford Street – everytime I smell ’em, I wanna turn frikkin vegetarian. Ugh.)

Anyway, July is as July does. Or will be.

Have a great month, y’all. Let the games begin 🙂



  1. 2ThePoint

    Hi, hun! Thanks!

    I’ve been busy like you wouldn’t believe – not just writing though, but just other admin, thinking, planning, researching stuff.


  2. jay

    good going, but ermmm you might need to do better at hiding the payers on the proof of payment.
    Anyhow – thanks for commenting on my Mylot post it was two weeks ago, but I am a tad bored with Mylot at the mo… (not the best way to get paid for farting)

  3. 2ThePoint

    Hi Jay

    Thanks for passing by.

    I thought I did a pretty good job of hiding the payers’ names. I can’t see much so I’m not sure what you mean. Please elaborate and advice.

    You know: I haven’t been in myLot that much for the past couple of days. I think every now and then, one needs a break from it.

    take care…will pass by your site soon. Thanks for the visit.

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