January ’10: Online Earnings…

img credit: meddygarnet

Since I moved on from freelance writing last month, I kinda knew it would make a whole lot of difference to my earnings, possibly for months to come. So it comes as no surprise to me that I made $17.15.

Breakdown is as follows:

– Private client: $10.00

Cashle: $2.42 (GPT site. read review here)

DollarClickOrSignUp: $2.18 (‘nother GPT site. Open to all countries. Free to join. Low min. payout.)

QuickRewards Network: $1.94 (yep, another GPT site! read review)

CloudCrowd: $0.61 (you get paid to complete various short tasks – write, research, review)

TOTAL:- $17.15

I find this figure quite humbling, actually, and exciting too. It’s a chance to start again, explore new/other ways to make money online. I have more room to do that since I won’t be dabbling in freelance writing anymore.

Anyway, here’s wishing everyone a fab, fab, FAAAAB February. Let’s kick ass. (psst, i heard hairier backsides are a bit more lucrative. golden tufts of hair, i tell you, golden.)



  1. TriNi

    LOL @ your last line.. you never cease to put a smile on my face with your posts.

    Congrats on your earnings.. It doesn’t matter that you’ve made a bit less than you’re use to this month, the good part is that you’re happier without Freelance Writing.

    I still have to calculate my earnings.. I haven’t gotten the time yet. Such is life :/

    Take care hun.

    TriNi @ Make Money Online Free

  2. ebele

    re: the last line – it’s true! Haven’t you seen the documentary 🙂

    I must admit, I still get a bit of a tug when I see writing jobs, but, yeah, I’m done. The only writing I’m gonna be doing online is for me.

    Busy is as busy does – I’m sure you’ll update when time permits it.

    You take care…

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