I’ve Hit the $100 Mark on Fiverr!

I joined Fiverr earlier this year – January or February. I know I received my very first payment in Feb.

For those of you who might not know, Fiverr’s a site where you can offer to do something for $5.00. It can be anything (legal) – how long is a piece of string really (I’ve never really understood that saying, actually. A piece of string is short. It’s a piece).

From writing to proofreading to doodling to dancing to singing to fire breathing and every other thing in-between – people are offering it on Fiverr.

How I decided what to offer…

I wanted to offer a specialism rather than offer to do a myriad of things. There’s a lot to be said for offering a variety of services. It means you’re more flexible.

However, my gut told me to specialise. And so I did.

I think I’m pretty good at blog commenting. I’ve done several gigs in that vain in the past. So I thought why not offer it on Fiverr and see how it goes?

So I set it up.

I chose a name that embraced that speciality: Ilovecommenting. It’s also wide enough for me to add other commenting services in the future. I’ve since added forum commenting/posting as a service.

How long before I received my first order…

It was a couple of weeks before I got my first order. I’d done no promoting on my part and had all but forgotten that I’d joined Fiverr. Then I got email notification of an order.

How often I receive orders…

It really can vary. Sometimes I go a week or two without an order. Other times, I get two or three orders in one day, or an order everyday for a couple of days. Sometimes I’m juggling three orders at the same time – completing one, starting a new one. It really does vary for me. Just depends on what you’re offering and how you present what you’re offering and to an extent, how you promote it. Like I said, I hadn’t promoted anything. It’s only very recently that I’ve started promoting.


 – how you describe what you’re offering is important, especially if there are other people offering something similar. For me, that importance was for me to be me.

– if someone buys your gig, you don’t get $5 – Fiverr takes $1 – plus there’s a Paypal fee. (For me, I get $3.92.) Bear that in mind when offering a service.

– there’s a lot to be said for pleasing the buyer, but I feel you’ve got to be happy too. Your time and energy are of value. So what can you offer that doesn’t take too much of your time and energy, but can be executed well? Think about it.

That’s me with the tips. There are probably heaps more tips other Fiverr users can offer, but that’s me done.

Here’s to the next $100 🙂

$100 mightn’t be a whole lot – works out at about $14.00 a month on average. However, the tree starts from the seed.

Over the next month, I’ll be shifting gears with the promotional side of things. I’ve been lucky to have gotten gigs without promoting, but I shouldn’t really take that for granted, methinks.

How are you doing on Fiverr? What’s been your experience? What have you learnt? Any tips?

I’m out…

Miss Eb.


  1. tn5rr2012

    I also have been with FIVERR since this past Jan and my orders run cold and hot. I help people start their family trees (going back 4 generations) I have to stay on top of the marketing every day. I have yet to figure out what makes someone order and purchase my gig, I guess if I did then I would be a gazillonaire

    – tn5rr2012 –

  2. ebele

    Hi 🙂

    I think I’ve read about what you do on Best of Fiverr! I think so. Your Fiverr profile looks familiar.

    Regarding figuring out what makes people order your gig, could you perhaps ask them once you’ve delivered the gig?

  3. Charleen Larson

    I don’t think we’ve ever profiled the family tree thingie on Best of Fiverr. But there’s nearly 400 articles now, so I lose track.

    Congrats on making the $100 mark on Fiverr, Miss E. I know how hard it can be. People can be very demanding even at the $5 level.

  4. ebele

    Hi Charleen,

    In which case, I stand corrected. I know I’ve seen tn5rr’s profile somewhere before though. Is bugging me now!

    Thanks for the congrats 🙂

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