It’s Unwise to Only Have One Main Source of Income Online

(points at self)

(points at self again)

(almost pokes eye out in the process)

Proofreading accounts for most of my online income. And I only proofread on the one site. Though I’ve been working there a couple of years, at the back of my mind, I know that if the company I proofread for folds up, or decide they don’t want me on the job anymore for whatever reason, that’s most of my online income gone. Poof.

I don’t want my income to be that dependent. It’s not a baby.

Need to find an additional main egg or two, methinks. Don’t wanna spread myself thin, but two or three main (and fairly reliable/consistent) eggs would be good.




    • miss eb.

      Hi, Lauren

      Though I published this post on Apr 21st, I actually wrote it on Apr 16th, days before news of the shutdown was announced. I had no idea about it, so I had a bit of a Twilight moment when I heard the news.

      I’m with you. It was a good gig. And flexible.

      I’ve been with them since the early days.

      Sad that they’re shutting down.

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