Is it a Bird, Is it a Plane, No, Erm, it’s My 1st Ebook!

Just put ya mouse in the air

and click ’em like ya just don’t care
And if ya ready to rock
and your name ain’t Spock
somebody say OH-YEAH!!

Oh what?


Oh what?


Yes, people, I’m making it official! I know I’ve had a link to my ebook up on the side, but today I am yodelling it from the 1st floor of my modest one-bedroom flat in East-London:


I’m fascinated by the potential to earn money online. It’s an indiscriminate, colourful and wonderfully-varied world. I see the internet as a sea of great big empty white canvasses on which you can experiment, play, fail, succeed, fail, succeed, learn.

Blood, Sweat & Coffee is a personal story based around the time I stepped into that world.

If you have a story to tell, you have a story to tell, and it doesn’t quite matter if no-one listens as much as feeding the need to write it. Everything else comes after. I’ve written it, I’ve quietened the incessant voice. Now I can move on.

If you’d like to read a review of Blood, Sweat & Coffee, click here.


I’m not gonna be a pro about this – deciding on what to charge has been a bit of a conundrum for me. I’ve asked a good friend, did some research online and have had mixed opinions on it. I decided on a figure, then changed my mind.

So I’m just gonna put it out there on a ‘pay what you can’ basis for now and see how I feel about that. I’d like to think that someone won’t pay $0.01 for it. Point is: I can always change my mind and try something different (or break their balls).

If you do buy the ebook, having read it, do feed me back on how much you would have been prepared to pay for it on hindsight (though if it’s a sarky remark, do keep it to yourself, sugar).

A spoonful of funk…


(UPDATE: 18/5/08 – Ok, so I’ve tried the ‘pay what u can’ thing for a week, and that doesn’t feel quite right either. Glad I tried it out though ‘cos if ya don’t try, ya don’t learn as my blue-bearded fairy godmother would say. So I’m putting it back up to what it was. If I change it again, I change it again. I’m open to that.)

(img by: Nick Douglas)


  1. Petula Wright

    This caused me a wonderful little giggle. I can so feel what you’re saying! Since reading your eBook (which is great, btw), I understand that we feel and think alike so there’s frustration and excitement. I think the cost it was was fair, but I was also surprised at how inexpensive. You could have asked for more. I think this is an excellent first eBook and you should be proud. I would hope that people will pay more than $1.00 (way more actually)… I’ll be interested to hear how this turns out.

  2. 2ThePoint

    Hey Petula! 🙂

    Thanks again for buying a copy. Really appreciate your support, comments and feedback.

    Yep, we’ll see how it goes – I’m testing it out – might change my mind next week – all part of experimenting/learning from it.

    take care, luv…

  3. Monika Mundell


    I just love your humor, your words and the way you manage to inject sunshine into my life whenever you touch me with your words.

    I also bought a copy just now as it is only fair that I do. I want to give one away and couldn’t use the one I had now could I.

    So, here is to hopes of your sales kicking butt (at least getting you some reward) and a new influx of enthusiastic readers.

  4. Dean Saliba

    I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months now, I had no idea you live in East London, I live in a charming little hamlet in East London called Bethnal Green. A place where alcoholic tramps will shout insults at you for no money and the pavements are paved in poo and vomit. 🙂

    Your book sounds like it might be a fun read, I’ll drop by sometime this week and pick up copy. 🙂

  5. 2ThePoint

    Hey Dean!

    Yep, I’m an East-London chick – Stratford, to be precise.

    Small world, ain’t it? 🙂

    I take it you love Bethnal Green, then!

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