IM Report Card: Pretty Cool Site (Cool Like Travolta in Pulp Fiction, Cool Like Obama Waving Bye to Dubya on Inauguration Day, Cool Like…The Fonz)

im report card

I quote:

“We used to allow cashing in your credits for actual cash. Due to excessive abuse of this system, we have discontinued paying cash for credits. However, you will still earn credits as in the past, you just won’t be able to get cash for them. Instead, we plan to allow you to cash in your credits for something of value. We haven’t yet determined what that something is so stay tuned! You will also soon be able to qualify for status icons based on your credit count.”

The way IM Report Card chose to disseminate this change was VERY shoddy to say the least. To read all about it, read this forum thread.

If you want to read the review below, do bear in mind that the cash element no longer applies.)


IM Report Card might be the new kid on the block, but to me, it feels like there’s a group of very experienced minds ticking away behind it. A few months before I actually joined the site, I’d read about it several times on myLot, but assumed only US residents could join. It would seem that that was partly true as the site only widened its net fairly recently (in July).

im report card - proof of payment

So What’s IM Report Card About, Then? (p.s: the ‘IM’ stands for Internet Marketing)

Well it’s a site where you can read reviews and comments about popular internet marketing products, services and people (e.g., Niche Blogger, Commission Junction, Pepperjam Network, Adbrite, John Chow, Problogger, Ezine Articles, etc). You can also read about hosting companies, PTCs, survey sites, traffic-exchange sites and paid-to-blog sites such as GlobalTestMarket, Pinecone Research, Sponsored Reviews, Pay Per Post, Bluehost, GoDaddy, TrafficSwarm, ValueBux, Clixsense, etc.

You’re also encouraged to share your personal experiences of any of the things they have listed (by leaving a comment).

IM Report Card doesn’t just review the good sites. It calls out the controversial, the questionable and the scammy ones too, so you’ll see the notoriously scammy AWSurveys listed on there, for instance, along with other sites and products that don’t appear to do what they say on the tin.

IM Report Card Pays You…

– when you rate any of the reviews you read (1 credit per rating – equivalent to 1 cent)

– when you grade any reviews you have personal experience of using (10 credits per grade – equivalent to 10 cents)

– when you write comments about your personal experience of any sites, products, people listed (50-150 credits per approved comment – equivalent to 50 cents-$1.50)

– whenever your comment is rated as helpful by another member (1 credit per rating – equivalent to 1 cent)

– when you rate other members’ comments (1 credit per rating – equivalent to 1 cent)

– when you suggest a new product, site or person to IMRC (100 credits per approved suggestion – equiv to $1.00; was previously 75 credits.)

– when you spread the word about the site and someone joins through you (and they’re active), you earn whatever credits that person earns. I don’t think it extends to whatever your referral’s referrals earn, but it’s still a mightly handsome referral deal.

A Bit More About Commenting…

Every comment written must be at least 100 words (used to be 50).

If you’re the first to write a comment about something listed on the site, you get 150 credits instead of 50.

If you’re the second one to comment, you get 100.

Every comment thereafter gets 50 credits.

Is There a Minimum Payout?

Yes. 2000 credits ($20).

If you do join, this bit’s really important: 25% of your payout MUST be from comments you’ve made or else you can’t cash out.

Can Anyone Join?

No, not everyone. Unfortunately, applications from India, Lithuania, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines and Singapore are banned. I quote:

“Unfortunately we’ve experienced a tremendous amount of fraudulent and inappropriate use of the IM Report Card website from users in these countries, and until we figure out an efficient way to combat this we can’t accept users from these countries.

If you are in one of these countries and want to use IM Report Card responsibly, please accept our sincerest apologies. We know it doesn’t seem “fair”.

Until we figure out a way to efficiently deal with this problem, you’re free to use the site as a resource – you just can’t post comments or earn credits.”

Nope, it doesn’t seem fair. It’s a shame a few people have bloody gone and spoilt it for many who genuinely wanted to contribute to the site. Doesn’t sit well with me either as I’m Nigerian myself (living in London). Let’s hope IM Report Card figures out a way to accept everyone that’s kosher, regardless of location.

Other Applications:

For other applications outside the above countries, a writing sample is sometimes requested. The person is then notified if their application has been accepted or not.

How’s IMRC Going For Me So Far…

I joined IMRC on 12th Aug. I attempted to rate a comment, but was notified that I needed to make my first comment before I could do anything else on the site. Fair enough. Once I made a comment, I had to wait for it to be approved. Unfortunately, it was declined because I’d written it in Word and copied and pasted it over to IMRC. For some reason, it came out all wonky with some of the words all joined up even though it looked fine when I submitted it. That’s why it was declined. When your comment is declined, IM Report Card will send you an email explaining why and also attach a copy of what you wrote. Mine looked like I was drunk when I wrote it. I then rewrote it directly on the site and it was approved.

I’ve had one or two comments rejected, but most have been approved. I’ve been slapped on the wrist a few times and told to slow down or make more comments, but that’s cool. IM Report Card is generally quite strict and I think that’s a good thing as it keeps the overall quality of the site high.

I requested a payment of $25.63 on 26th Aug and got paid within 24 hours.

Couple of Tips…

– Only grade and comment on things you’ve tried

– write your comments based on YOUR personal experience. Don’t fake it.

– proofread your comments before submitting

– Other people’s comments can be just as important as the reviews – read them

– Take your time when rating comments. If not, a message will be thrown up telling you to slow down. I’m a fast reader so I got a few of those. Also, some of the comments can be quite short.

– Read through IMRC’s guidelines.

– Fill in your profile and signature links as it could get traffic to your site.

– Visit other members’ sites

– Suggest new sites, products, people for IMRC to review. Not all will be approved, but it’s worth the ones that do. Out of the 9 I’ve suggested, 5 have been approved. That’s 400 credits in my IMRC kitty. (my credits are a reflection of the old 75-credit rate and the new 100-credit rate).

– IMRC isn’t infallible; therefore you might come across some dead links, typos, possible inaccuracies, etc. If you do, let them know. They’re open to being contacted for that. (not really a tip – just something to do to help out)

I like IM Report Card. I get to share some of the knowledge I’ve gained in the make-money-online world, I’ve joined a couple of sites based on the reviews I’ve read on there, plus I’ve found some interesting member sites which I’ve bookmarked. I’m also seeing a trickle of traffic coming to my blog from there. Oh, and the money the site pays doesn’t hurt either!

If you plan on joining IM Report Card, make the most of it; I think it’s a very resourceful site. I’d be happy to help you find your way around if/when you join, aight?



im report card - proof of payment


im report card

*UPDATE – OCT 15TH: $28.24…

im report card



  1. Annette

    Fantastic review! It is incredibly thorough and translates as a call to action. I felt compelled to check out the site – even though I had no prior intention of doing so. Your writing style is pure edutainment!

    Spot on 🙂

  2. fedhz

    hi. jumped from IMRC. ^^,

    me too, I’m a fast reader so in other sites, I get that HOLD UP message as well, haha! it’s great that you earn so much from surveys. I don’t get a lot from them in our country. good luck!!!


  3. ebele

    Hi fedhz 🙂

    Ah well, I can’t read any slower or else it wouldn’t feel natural.

    I appreciate I’ve been able to make some side income from doing surveys, but they can get reeeeally boring at times. I’ve taken several breaks from surveys for the sake of my sanity 🙂

    Thanks for passing by.

    take care…

  4. ebele

    Hi workfrhomemom,

    I guess IMRC did what they felt they needed to do, but I’m hoping they’ll open it back up soon as there are genuine people (like you) from the banned list who’d like to join.

    Take care and thanks for passing by.

  5. Gene

    That’s too bad. I’m from the Philippines and there are very limited earning opportunities for us online. I just started this week, imagine that! But I learn a lot from your site not to mention the occasional laugh from your witty comments.

  6. ebele

    Hi Gene,

    Yes, it is a pity. Hopefully, they’ll turn things around this year and let more (genuine) people in.

    Hey, you started recently? Well done on starting – you’ve taken the first step. Wishing you all the best on your online journey. Will pass by your blog from time to time.

    Take care…and thanks for leaving a comment.

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