IM Report Card: Bloody Hell, That Was Quick…

Ok, so yesterday I requested a payment from IM Report Card around noon and about 12 hours later, they paid up. I mean, I know they usually pay within 24 hours, but I wasn’t expecting it THAT soon.

I’m gonna have to have a word with them for being too on the ball; they’re just plain showing off which is sooooo uncalled for. Like, totally 🙂

Next they’ll be paying me BEFORE I request it!

Now If Ya Haven’t Heard of IM Report Card Before…

It’s THE site to visit if you want to find out if a well-known internet-marketing product, service, person or business opportunity is genuine or a scam. You can also read reviews about survey sites, traffic-exchange sites, hosting companies, paid-to-click sites and get-paid-to sites. As well as reading reviews written by the IM Report Card team, you’re also encouraged to share your own experience of using any of the products, services, etc, they’ve reviewed (you get paid up to $1.50 when you do that). You can get paid in various other ways, but I won’t go into it in this post as I’ve written about the site in much detail in a previous post.

I’m still enjoying IM Report Card since I joined in August. With my restless spirit, they must be doing something right. 😉


  1. Make Money Online Free

    Hey congrats on your payment!

    And no I didn’t make a guest post there. Thanks for telling me. That person copied my post word for word and just replaced the links with theirs. I can’t believe people are so lazy.

    I’m going to contact them and ask them to remove it.

    Thanks again for letting me know.


  2. ebele

    Hi Web Career Girl,

    I think you’re gonna have a blast on IM Report Card. I’ve definitely found it very useful.

    All the best this month. Will be following your blog with interest.

    take care…

  3. ebele

    Hi Trini,

    Thanks for the congrats.

    And you’re welcome: when I saw that copied post, I thought “no, she di-int”. But then I thought it could possibly be a guest post as I couldn’t believe the audacity of it.

    Anyway, the post’s been taken down. I do hope she learns from it.

    Have a lovely weekend 🙂

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