I’m over Brad Pitt…

pic by: viva pinoy

His balls were getting a bit too saggy having all dem babies. ANGELINA, YOU CAN HAVE HIM, GURLFRIEND.

Now, who shall be my new fixation? Hmm…

This means my Brad Pitt Penny Fund ain’t called the Brad Pitt Penny Fund anymore. Gotta come up with a different name. Hmm…what to call it?

It also means the ‘art installation’ idea (to melt & sculpt all dem itty bitty pennies into the shape of Brad’s balls) is off.   I had such high hopes. Oh well…

As much as it would have been a wicked installation (had yours truly kept ’em nice & high), I’m not sure it would have been legal to melt them pennies anyway – I think that lil old pensioner with the crown on her head, Queen Elizabeth, would have sobbed her eyes out and cried treason – not that I’m scared of her – but I don’t like her friends and they’re the ones to watch out for – especially those nasty little f*ckers…her corgis – she probably flosses their teeth with barbed wire.

The weekend is yours, y’all – make it a good one, ya hear? 🙂

I am…2ThePoint.


  1. 2ThePoint

    …that’s a point 🙂

    But then I use Sure Deodorant which creates a forcefield around one’s body to protect one from such gasy situations.

    2ThePoint – 1, Prince Phillip – 0


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