I’m an Employee – Get Me Outta Here :-(

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This new desk job – I can’t wait to leave. I’m absolutely itching to pack it in.

I’ve never been cut out for desk jobs – I don’t think a lot of people are, but we hold our breaths and go under water.

I’ve wanted to quit this new job at least once every week. And oddly enough, I think that’s what’s kept me going. Somehow, when I tell myself, “fuck it, big momma’s moving the hell on”, it allows me to vent my frustrations – and then afterwards, I’m fine (until the next time).

I can’t wait to get my computer reconnected to its lover (broadband);   I tell ya, this job, coupled with writing at the net cafe til late, is starting to turn my nipple-hair grey.

Pray for me, homies.

I’m outtie…



  1. Dean Saliba

    I too have a job that I regularly want to jack in, market researcher might sound OK but I’m not used to having rude people yelling down the phone at me!

    Good job I’m bald, there is no chance of my hair going grey!

  2. 2ThePoint

    Hi Dean!

    Market researcher doesn’t sound ok – which is why I only did it for a few weeks.

    Ah, but your eyebrows could go grey – have you thought about that? 🙂

    take care!

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