I’m an Employee, Get Me Outta Here :-( – Part Deux

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I’m at the office job at the mo’. Started at 6am.

I have a can of Relentless (a caffeinated energy drink) on one side of the keyboard and a really strong cup of coffee on the other. I’m alternating between the two. I need to stay awake as, erm, it’s so not cool to sleep on the job. I was falling asleep between blinks about 45mins ago, but I’m feeling a bit more awake now.

I really don’t know how much longer I can keep this up – flitting b/w writing online and doing this desk job. I really don’t. It might be time for me to make a decision.

Option 1: If I decide to do less writing gigs online to ease up on the pressure, then the transition to earning a fuller income online will never happen and I’ll stay in this office job longer than I need to.

Option 2: If I pack the desk job in, then I’d really need to put my crusty foot down on the pedal for more writing gigs online – enough to be able to get by from month to month. I’d also potentially risk the bills creeping up on my ass again and I’m only just beginning to take control of (some of) them.

I’m not sure either one is an option right now. It could possibly be in a month’s time.


a) Organise/use my time better? Yes. There’s room for improvement there.

b) Work on getting an internet connection back in the flat? That could work – ‘cos it would mean I wouldn’t need to spend an hour and a half to 2 hours a day travelling to and from Central London to use the internet cafe (not that there aren’t any net cafes nearby, but the Central Ldn one is 50% cheaper per hr).


At approximately 8.10am today, after almost a month at the office job, I did my first sh*t in the staff toilet.

About time I marked my territory.

And it didn’t disappoint – oh no, siree. Like good wine, it smelt full of character.

Enjoy the rest of your week, people 🙂



  1. Dean Saliba

    Do you get a lot of writing gigs? One possible solution could be to do the writing gigs at the weekend.

    Oh and always poo at work, because that way you get paid for doing it!

  2. 2ThePoint

    Hi Dean

    It tends to vary from week to week. At the very minimum, I write 5-6 articles a week, but when it gets busy, it pushes towards 15 a week and over. 3-4 of those involve quite a bit of research so takes time. Though the weekend is a great idea, I don’t fancy cramming it all into that time.

    The office job is less than full-time, but because of the early starts, I find it shadows the whole day and bleeds into the next.

    Hehe!, I do like your thinking behind doing it at work! 🙂

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