I’d No Idea I Had Money in my Cashle Account :-)

Cashle’s one of many GPT sites out there: get paid to complete offers, do surveys, watch videos, yada yada yada. I’ve been with Cashle for a bit, but haven’t logged in for a good many months.

Anyway, I logged in recently and to my surprise found $3.44 sitting in my account! Had no idea.

As Cashle’s minimum payout via Paypal is only $1.00, I cashed that baby out quick time!

$3.44 ain’t much – it’s not exactly gonna solve a debt crisis, is it now? But it’s a nice little surprise. Here in the UK, $3.44 converts to £2.14. That’s a local bus or train fare and some change. Or it can buy me a generous portion of chicken and a can of tomatoes I can use to make myself a mean spicy stew. Enough for two or three dinners. Orrrrr I can use it to treat myself to some tiramisu!

Anyhoo, here’s the proof of my Cashle payment (click on image to view larger size):

I’ve started checking all my accounts I haven’t visited in a while. You never know, there might be some money sitting there waiting for me to cash out! No harm in checking, methinks!


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