I Won £15.00!

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smile Actually, to tell the truth, I knew about the win about a month ago, so that exclamation mark should be a semi-limp one. However, because it takes 30 days to receive it, I didn’t wanna go sharing the news just yet, not ’til I’d actually gotten paid (I was still a teeny tiny bit sceptical up until that point, you see).

But as it is, it came through (yay!) so I can now tell the whole world and their Mama and their poodle.

The win came courtesy of a trivia game site called Triviala.

How it Works…

Right, I’m not a pro as I’ve only used the site for a bit, but this is what I’ve garnered in that time.

For certain games you complete (and answer correctly), you’re rewarded with crowns. You can then use those crowns to enter cash prize draws. Simple as that. Well, not so simple, ‘cos some of the games can be a bit tricky (could be me, though. It’s still enjoyable nonetheless).

You can also get crowns for designing your own quizzes. Oh, and for completing surveys. There’s also a loyalty bonus of 10 crowns for every crown threshold you reach.

Games you can play include…

– Sudoku, Crossword challenge, Pirate Wars (battle quiz), Celebrity Pedigree (celebrities are bred as dogs to get the optimum pedigree of dog. Don’t ask!), and a range of quizzes covering different topics (music, entertainment, wine facts, movies, etc).

I don’t quite get Sudoku and crosswords aren’t really my thing. My favourite game on there is ‘Rope a Word’ where you have to search for a given sentence amongst a maze of letters. The proofreader in me loves that.

Some days I log in; some days I don’t, but a typical routine for me when I do log in is:

– I answer the Question of the Day (for entry into the £20 daily draw)

– I answer the Jackpot question (I get 10 crowns for that if I answer correctly)

– I attempt the Triviala quiz (5 questions; 2 crowns per correct answer)

– I do the Rope a Word (20 crowns upon completion)

– I sometimes do other quizzes (pays 2 crowns per completion)

…and I’m done. 7-10 mins tops.

As well as existing games, Triviala adds new games from time to time.

You can obviously play any game on there that you like; however, if you’re looking to gain crowns, make sure you look out for the games that have a crown reward and ones that don’t. It’ll usually tell you, anyway.

Cash Prizes Available…

– forty lots of £15 prizes (dished out every week)
– one weekly £500 Jackpot
– one daily £20 prize (via Question of The Day)

Each entry into the £15 prize draw requires 10 crowns on your part. There’s no limit to how many times you can enter (as long as you have the required amount of crowns to enter it).

An entry into the £500 Jackpot requires 100 crowns. You can only enter it once per week. (update – 28/6/10: the Jackpot no longer exists and is apparently going to be replaced with something better!)

And for the daily £20 prize draw, you don’t need any crowns to enter it; you just need to answer the Question of the Day for that.

One thing I’ve noticed is that you can’t enter all your crowns into a draw. Triviala freezes 10 crowns in your account. I don’t know why it does that, but that’s what I’ve noticed.

Can Anyone Join Triviala?

Well, yes. Aaaaand no. Most countries can join, but a few countries and certain U.S. states either can’t join or aren’t allowed to play if they do join (read ‘how does the site pay’ below for more info).

How does the site pay?

If you’re in the UK, Ireland or US, Triviala pays via Paypal or Click & Buy (you choose).

For some reason, the following US states aren’t eligible to play (therefore Paypal isn’t on offer to them): New York, Rhode Island, Arizona and Florida.

I don’t know or understand why. Possibly a legal/red tape issue.

Also, for Click & Buy, I quote from Triviala’s FAQ:

Click & Buy offers an international payment service, and Triviala welcomes users worldwide. There are a few exceptions due to local laws over which we have no control: payments of cash prizes to Turkey, Israel and the U.S States of Arizona, Arkansas, Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Lousiana, Missouri, Maryland, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee and Vermont are not allowed.


Upon my death, I wish to bequeath my £15 to my beloved cat, PussyDohbele…

£15 ain’t much in the grand scheme of things, but for the little I do on Triviala and the fun I have doing it, I’d say it’s worth me sticking with the site for now. If I get a couple more wins over the year, then I’m good.

UPDATE – 7th Sept ’11: How times change. Looks like Triviala ain’t dishing out the cash prizes anymore. Prizes are now of the non-cash variety: t-shirts, memory sticks…

Ah well.



  1. ebele

    ‘ello 🙂

    Triviala’s fun, doesn’t take up too much of your time, plus you might win money, so it gets the thumbs-up from me.

    And yes, long time 🙂

    Take care…

  2. Alejandra

    Thanks for introducing me to this site!
    I was frustrated for what happened with Toneaday because it was my biggest earner, and then I read in your blog about Triviala and signed up… I won $15 the first day and have already won $80 in only a month. And without having to spend hours rating words (which I found terribly boring). I used to play trivia and other online games, so this site is perfect!
    Thanks again! 😀

  3. ebele

    Hi Alejandra,

    I’m glad you’re having such a blast on Triviala and have won quite a penny. Cool. Well done. May your winning streak continue.

    Take care…

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