I pee’d Golden Syrup: month-end online earnings…

I’m baaa-ack. Ya miss me? Yes? No?

Liar! Liar! Thongs on fire!

Send out a search party: she’s 5ft 4, has short hair, and…….

So where’ve I been, you may ask (or not, depending on whether you give two quarters of a f*ck anyway).

Well, I’m gonna tell you anyway:

this buxom bloggerlicious Buddha-momma’s been busy making money online, baby!

Yep. I’ve been doing quite a bit of freelancing online – article writing, blog posting, forum posting, being a human spellchecker (i.e., proofreading), that kinda thing.

I’m not gonna romanticise it, folks – it’s REALLY HARD WORK, especially as I have a conventional job on the go too, but TA-NAAAAAAA (can I get a drum roll right about now, people? A foot stomp? A woot-woot?   Thank ya ever so kindly!),

…TA-NAAAAAAA, last month, I made:

$267.75 online! 🙂

Yes. 267 good-looking dollars that were just walking down the street, minding their own business. I saw these 267 dollars and with a commanding voice, I said to them, ‘come here 267 dollars. Come here RIGHT NOW’, and they were so scared I was gonna rip them apart with my own bare teeth, so petrified I was gonna use them to wipe my ass, that they yelped ‘we’re coming, we’re coming, please don’t hurt us, we’re coming’.

Shivering 75 cents, the 267 dollars jumped straight into my Paypal account.

And there you have it 🙂

I’d like ta thank ma record producer, ma cook, and ma Chihuahua…

For some people, $267 is not much.

But for this lil big missy here, it is, and I feel like doing a frikkin acceptance speech!

$267 is significant to me as it’s the most I’ve made online EVER. (Did you hear that, Google? You greedy sock-cuckers).

$267 is significant when you compare it to the $51.00 I made in January.

It’s major as it’s a reflection of me putting my better-than-Beyonce ass into gear and actually doing something to make some money beyond the penny-here-penny-there way of earning online.

P.S.: I said it before and I’ll say it again, IT’S HARD WORK.

Scratch my back, right there, right there, oooh, oooh that feels guuuuuuuud… now pass the gummie bears, will ya?

So let’s see how this month goes, shall we? I’m not looking for a Hollywood-movie narrative. Maybe it’ll all go downhill for me in March. Maybe not. But in any case, I plan to just tell it like it is.

Hug often. Smile for no reason. Get arrested by chocolate bunnies.



  1. Anonymous

    hey, good for you! and you’re right, it is hard work. I love the title of your blog 🙂 …. if only that were possible!

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