I Name Thee ‘MediaDollarz’…May the Cents Be With You…

(OK, I’m gonna do this in parts as I’m still working my way through the program, so ta-naa!, here’s the first installment.)


MediaDollarz is an international program – yay! – international! – well…. not quite. If you live in the US, UK, CA, AU, NZ, you can join as a user – all other countries can be promoters (and earn on their affiliate program, I guess. I can’t seem to see any other information about that.)

Anyway, as a user, you get paid to shop, do surveys and refer people to join the program. It does say ‘daily payout for free offers’, but please read below as, from what I understand, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.


The registration form was mad-easy to fill in. This ye here buxom maiden was up and running within 10mins!


Upon logging in, I found a couple messages in my inbox. Oh goody. Activity!

Oh dear, one in particular was ‘an apology about a delay in some payments’. Oh no, not another Bloggerwave, PLEASE. GOD. NO.

MediaDollarz’ explanation?: the delay in payments were apparently due to ‘extremely high levels of fraud occurring this month in incentivesd and freebie industry’, which meant that ‘some advertisers has holded our payment for two weeks or so.’

Yes. I know. Their spelling. Has ‘holded’?


MediaDollarz used to offer immediate Paypal payments for any free offers you did regardless of the amount. But in their effort to deal with people taking the piss (i.e, fraudsters), they’ve had to change their payment frequency from daily to monthly. (You also have to verify your phone number before you can get a payout).

Why they’ve still got ‘free daily payments’ displayed on their site, I don’t know, but if I am to understand one of the emails they sent me, then yes, they have stopped making free daily payments.

However, as a way of making it up to genuine users for the loss of the daily-payment benefit, MediaDollarz have set up a sister site – points2shop.com – where you’re rewarded with immediate amazon points instead of immediate cash.


MediaDollarz claim to pay higher than any other cash reward site and if you find one that pays more, they’ll not only match it but pay more.


I’m already with two cashback sites – Pigsback and MyShoppingRewards. I noticed some of the offers I’ve previously done on Pigsback & MyShoppingRewards are on MediaDollarz too, so I can’t do those (as doing the same offer twice could get me blacklisted by an advertiser).


My snoop in, over and around Media Dollarz continues.

Part 2 coming soon.

If you see Santa delivering Xmas prezzies in January, it ain’t the poor bloke’s fault. Global warming, I tell you, global warming.

See ya!



  1. Michelle

    ha ha “If you see Santa … “
    Gave me quite the laugh.

    On another note, you could also try out Treasure Troopers.com

    I joined there awhile ago when I was searching how to make money online or something.

  2. 2ThePoint

    Hi Michelle

    Thanks for dropping by (and for the suggestion).

    I gave Treasure Troopers a try a while ago. Found it very similar to CashCrate, but Treasure Troopers is more entertaining though.

    I’m cutting down on programs like that in general so the only one I use is Pigsback.com.

    take care…

  3. Anonymous

    I just had to write to say “I Love your Site” It is all written with some humour in it and i laughed a few times.This Blog made my day!

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