I just won 33 SwagBucks. Am I a happy bunny or am I a happy bunny? :-)

swagbucks win
Swagbucks is going real good for me; thank you for asking (I know you asked even if you don’t THINK you did; it just means the question was so deep deep deeeeeeeep down inside you, that only I can see it. Because I am Jedi. And I know. Ah-so.)

Anyway, enough revelations about my schuper power…

Briefly, Swagbucks is first and foremost a Google-powered search engine. Everytime you use it, you stand the chance of winning points (i.e., swagbucks). I’ve been earning $5-$10 with it every month since March (Mar: $5; Apr: $10; May: $5).

Ok, ok, ha-ha, so let’s break open a bottle of flat frikkin champagne, you might say sarcastically (sarcasm turns the teeth yellow, you know), but I’m earning $5-$10/mth for veeeeeery little effort. All I do is do a couple of searches a day, go through the daily offers (I get 1-3 swagbucks – takes about a minute), and do the daily poll (I get 1 or 2 swagbucks for it).

That’s it, really. I know there are other ways to earn on SB (for e.g., by completing tasks), but this is the way that suits me. Round 5 minutes a day and I’m done. Schuweet.

To read more about Swagbucks, hop along to my review.

Have a great weekend, y’all. Ride it.



  1. crazedmama

    I love swagbucks. It’s so easy to win bucks from them. I have over 2500 right now and am debating on whether I should buy something small with them now, or save up for something nice?? hmmm

  2. ebele

    Hi crazedmama,

    Yeah, Swagbucks isn’t bad at all. I should have joined sooner.

    Hmm, as much as I like Swagbucks and though I wish them every continued success, the nature of internet businesses means that you just never know what the future has in store for them. So, I’d say spend your bucks soon’ish.

    Take care…

  3. Eva

    Too bad it’s only available in Canada, UK and USA… Maybe you should mention that next time, because I got all excited. 😛 But no worries.

  4. ebele

    Hi Eva,

    Thanks for passing by.

    It’s a shame it’s not more widely open. Hopefully they’ll open it out in the future.

    I do mention the countries it’s available to in my review and there’s a link to my review at the bottom of the post. However, I hear you and perhaps I should state the availability in every post where I mention Swagbucks.

    Take care…

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