I Got a Surprise Payment from Constant-Content…

img credit: Clemson

It wasn’t much. $3.25. But it’s like finding money in my sofa!

I can’t remember how I first came across Constant-Content but I submitted one article 100 years ago and went off the site as I decided it wasn’t for me.

What the hell is this woman on about? What IS Constant-Content?

Well, Constant-Content is basically a go-between site where you submit your own articles, photography, illustrations & videos and people who are interested in buying them, well, erm, buy ’em.

You get to price your own content. You also get to decide if you want it to be used repeatedly or if you want to sell the one-time (full) rights to it.


There’s a section where clients can make advance requests for content (also specifying what they’re offering to pay). Writers who are interested compose and provide the content and the client chooses the one/s they want. Downside to that is yours might not get chosen.

What’s in it for Constant-Content?

For anything sold, CC gets a 35% cut and you get the rest. 35%’s a significant cut, I know.

And is there a minimum payout?

Yes. $50.

Which is weird ‘cos…

I’m staring at a $3.25 Paypal payment from them.

Go figure. I ain’t complaining though!

I’ve gone to their forum for any explanations of why, but found nothing.

Ah well…


…not sure the little surprise is enough to entice me back, but I might revisit it in the future.



  1. Jeannie

    Ya know…I write and get paid all over the place. I started right out with great ratings, a little to my surprise. Apparently people like most of what I write. I submitted 8 articles to Constant Content and ALL 8 were rejected!!! I’m thinking at some point they just became irritated with my username and kept rejecting because I know I’m a better writer than that! lol…so I keep wondering if I should try again, but rejection sucks..haha.

  2. 2ThePoint


    There’s a particular format they require and they’re very strict when it comes to that. I had 2 of mine rejected. I was looking at their writer guidelines the other day – they require things like 12 point font, no bolding except for particular emphasis, etc. Maybe they rejected your articles due to the formatting rather than its quality.

    Or maybe you’re right – they really couldn’t stand your username 🙂

    take care…

  3. jrichards

    Hello 2ThePoint,

    I’m one of the guys running Constant Content glad to hear that you got your payment!

    We decided that to start 2009 we wanted to payout everyone so that’s why the payment showed up. Going forward we’ve changed out minimum payout to $5. So more people will be getting paid more often.

    We got word from the writers that nothing is more motivating to keeping them writing than getting paid.

    As for the rejections, I’m afraid that we are REALLY strict about our writers guidelines. We have to be to make sure that the writers can continue to charge a reasonable prices for articles. We’re working on a stronger feedback system for writers so that they are able to work on improving rejected articles more easily. But it’s going to be a few months (at least) before we’re able to get that done.

    If you have any suggestions for the site please let me know!


  4. 2ThePoint

    Hello jrichards,

    Thanks for leaving a comment here. ‘Preciated.

    I think lowering the minimum payout was one of the best things CC could have done – especially now times are harder.

    It would be great if the photography, videos and illustrations sections were a bit more active, but, well…

    Looking forward to the new feedback system as it would definitely be a help to some writers.

    take care…and all the best this year.

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