I Discovered a Way to Speed Up My Earnings on Swagbucks, Cashle and Treasure Trooper!

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I recently found out there are these recurring tasks you can attempt daily on Swagbucks, Cashle and TreasureTrooper. It’s probably been there for a while, but I didn’t really notice it before.

On Cashle, it’s called ‘Recurring Tasks’, on Swagbucks it’s called ‘Tasks’ and on TreasureTrooper it’s called ‘Cash Tasks’.

The tasks include things like testing software, categorising deals, searching for phone numbers, searching for certain terms about sites and making a note of the results, or answering questions about a site. The ones I’ve been attempting are the latter three.

These tasks are the same on Swagbucks, Cashle and TreasureTrooper because they’re sourced by one company: a crowdsourcing company called Crowdflower.

How Much Do the Tasks Pay?

It depends on the task and which site you do it on. It’s from 18 cents to $1.20 on TreasureTrooper, from 2 to 25 cents on Cashle and from 2 to 20 swagbucks on Swagbucks.

It’s adding up though. Over the past few days, by doing some of these tasks I’ve earned an extra $2.10 on TreasureTrooper, an extra $1.99 on Cashle (of which I recently cashed out $1.41), and an extra 108 swagbucks on Swagbucks. I’m now quite close to my next minimum payout on Swagbucks, and I should be able to cash out again on Cashle soon. TreasureTrooper’s gonna take longer to cash out ‘cos the minimum payout’s $20, but I’ll reach it. I’ve never reached payout there before. I had about $5 sitting in there for aaaaages ‘cos I wasn’t enthused to do any offers. Thanks to the tasks I’ve come upon, things look set to change.

Below are screenshots of the tasks I’ve completed along with the rewards (click each image to view a larger version):



(Swagbucks – the tasks are the ones I’ve marked with a block square)


How Long Does It Take?

I didn’t try all the tasks because they either rewarded lower or I didn’t quite get the requirements or I simply couldn’t be bothered. But of the three tasks I did try, this is how long I felt it took (didn’t time myself so these are guestimates):

Searching for phone numbers: you have to search online for phone numbers of several businesses, then paste it into a box. It felt the longest to complete on TreasureTrooper (about 15-20 mins). I don’t think I’ll be attempting it again because I think it paid about 30 cents or so. On Cashle and Swagbucks, the same task didn’t feel as long, so I’ll give it a go there again. Will time myself the next time, though.

Answering questions about websites: I preferred this task. Though I didn’t time it, it definitely didn’t feel as long to complete. Felt like 5 mins.

Searching for certain terms about sites/noting the results: I timed myself for this one. On Treasure Trooper, it took me 24 mins to complete. I earned $1.20 for it. The same task is on Swagbucks & Cashle, but there isn’t as much to complete, so it doesn’t take as long and pays less (16 swagbucks and 20 cents respectively). Update: I attempted this task again on Cashle. I timed myself and it took me 5 mins per page (20 cents per page). // The reason TreasureTrooper took longer was because it was given as a batch, so I had a collection of 10 pages or so to do before I was rewarded $1.20. With Cashle, you get rewarded after every page you complete.

p.s.: Apparently, you need to get the tasks fairly accurate to be rewarded. If you don’t, you get nada.

In conclusion, ya majesty…

The recurring tasks are something for me to do if my mind needs a break, or if I can organise and allocate 30-45 mins of my day to it. Though the pay’s not wooohooo-break-open-a-bottle-of-champagne, I can think of less productive ways to spend 30-45 mins. Plus, so far, I’m enjoying doing the tasks, so hey.

Anyway, just thought I’d share my recent discovery, y’all. 🙂

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