Houston, we have a winner….

img by: Steve Keys

So who won the ‘Chocolate, Ice Cream, Sex‘ blogging contest?

Well, erm, it was REALLY hard selecting a winner seeing as there was, erm, a total of, erm, one entry.

For some reason, I’m not upset about it. I am calm like Yoga’s half sister.

Petula, honey, come get your $10 before I spend it on ‘that video’ Brad Pitt didn’t want anyone to see and a bag of toffee popcorn.

(p.s: Madonna & Justin Timberlake’s new single …sounds really bad. What were they thinking? Bad, bad, bad. / And scary ‘cos, tomorrow, I might find myself humming it absent-mindedly. GOD. PLEASE. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.)


  1. MouthGirl.com

    It is a horrible song, and she is creeping me out with all the weird gyrations in that video….she’s creepy gross and needs to retire already!

    Or at least put on something decent at her age!

  2. 2ThePoint

    Mouthy Girl,

    I really don’t have a problem with her age or what she should or shouldn’t be wearing (or doing) at her age. I admire her for making the most of her life with what she’s got. She’s packed a whole lot of lifetimes into 50 years. More power to her.

    What I was disappointed with was:

    – I know Madonna & JT are very good dancers and I saw little evidence of that in the video

    – From a creative/directional aspect, the creative director could have done better

    – Madonna has gotten into the habit of doing a couple of similar moves in quite a few of her videos (for e.g., stooping to the floor real fast & getting up real fast in quick succession. Take a look at ‘Caught Up’ and that one she did for Austin Powers to see what I mean). Micheal Jackson does the same dance pattern too. It’s just a habit but because I know they’re good dancers, it does irritate me slightly.

    – What’s the difference b/w a record on Timbaland’s album and this track? I love Timbaland – he’s a musical genuis, but I could hear nothing of Madonna’s or JT’s essence on that single. It’s just a Timbaland track (that happens to have been) sung by Madonna & JT.

    Thanks for passing by the blog and leaving a comment, hun.

    take care…

    MouthyGirl 4EVER.

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