((( Hire Me )))


These are the services I offer:


I’m very specific about who I want to help.

i) Ebooks:

Do you have an ebook you’ve finished writing?

Let me look through it before you send it out into the world.


ii) Need help with your English?

Is English your other language? Do you need proofreading help with your letters, emails, assignments, etc?

If so, get in touch. 



Need comments on your blog? I’m here. My comments are cohesive, unique, natural and typo free. 35/40 words a comment; sometimes more if I get carried away!

It’s to a client’s benefit if I’m actually interested in the areas I’m hired for. These are the niches I have an interest in:

Making Money Online (obviously!), Celebrities, the Paranormal, Relationships, Arts, Women’s Issues, Personal Development, Travel.


email: me (at) getpaidtofart (dot) com


I may add more services, but this is me for now.

Over and out,


One comment

  1. miss eb.

    Hi Mike 🙂

    Thanks for passing by and leaving a comment.

    Lol! That’s what you googled? *chuckle!*

    Good on ya for good’ing on me :).

    Have a cool weekend.

    take care…

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